Postdoctoral Fellowships and Openings

Available Positions

The Amina Abdul-Aziz Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows

Lab focus: furthering the understanding of the complex molecular mechanisms involved in the aging bone marrow microenvironment niche and its role in promoting adult myeloid leukemia development and response to therapy.


The Lucia Borriello Lab is seeking postdoctoral associates

Lab focus: Understanding the mechanisms of dormancy and metastatic recurrence, with a particular emphasis on the role of the tumor microenvironment


The Yash Chhabra Lab is seeking a postdoctoral associate

Lab focus: Deciphering mechanisms underlying age and sex disparity in non-reproductive solid cancers, emphasizing the role of host-mediated changes at the systemic and tumor microenvironment level.


The James Duncan Lab is seeking a postdoctoral associate

Lab focus: Defining the function and druggability of dark kinases in ovarian and endometrial cancer models


The Joan Font-Burgada Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows.

Lab focus: Developing new model systems that utilize complex combinations of cancer driving events in conjunction with microenvironment manipulations in a controlled manner to elucidate the mechanisms of cancer initiation.


The Jayashri Ghosh Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow.

Lab focus: Investigating epigenetic changes involved in colorectal cancer (CRC) and assisted reproductive technology (ART) through epigenome-wide (DNA methylation) studies.


The Bojana Gligorijevic lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: The role of invadopodia in invasion and metastasis of breast cancer. Our most recent project is focused in an exciting area of breast cancer neuroscience, and we have recently secured multiple grants to study the role of sensory innervation in invadopodia assembly and metastasis.


The Resa Jones Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: 1) Exploring behavior aspects of colorectal cancer screening and 2) studying the impact of PFAS-contaminated water and area-level exposures on cancer incidence and mortality.


The Hayan Lee Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows

Lab focus: Computational epigenetics, including but not limited to analyzing multi-omics data, and developing machine learning prediction models and visualization in cancer and aging.


The Grace Ma Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: Studying cancer prevention and control, health disparities in cancer care delivery and outcomes, chronic disease, implementation science, health service research, and community health.


The Jennifer Reese Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: developing evidence-based interventions that aim to improve sexual health outcomes, relationships, and quality of life for those affected by cancer


The Lori Rink Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: Understanding the mechanisms of resistance to small molecule inhibitors in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors through both basic and translational studies.


The Pedro Torres-Ayuso Lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow

Lab focus: Identifying new targets and mechanisms of therapy resistance in SCC.


The Johnathan Whetstine Lab is seeking postdoctoral fellows

Lab focus: Identifying and characterizing epigenetic mechanisms that: 1) regulate cell cycle and genome stability; and 2) drive extrachromosomal DNA amplifications and rearrangements promoting drug resistance and tumor heterogeneity.


The David Wiest Lab is seeking an immunology postdoctoral associate

Lab focus: Investigating the molecular mechanisms controlling lymphoid development and transformation.


The Jinhua Wu Lab is seeking a postdoctoral associate

Lab focus: 1) Conducting structural and mechanistic studies of the signaling events mediated by integrins, small GTPases, and kinases, and 2) developing inhibitors that target these events.


The Yibin Yang Lab is seeking a postdoctoral associate

Lab focus: Applying multidisciplinary cutting-edge approaches to further our understanding of the immune regulatory mechanisms in lymphoma.


Find additional postdoctoral opportunities at Temple University and the Fels Cancer Institute for Personalized Medicine

The best way to become a postdoctoral fellow at Fox Chase is to contact researchers whose line of study appeals to you by emailing them directly. Browse Fox Chase faculty by name, program or research type, and, for all general questions, contact Amanda Purdy, PhD, at [email protected] or 215-728-7764.

T32 Postdoctoral Fellowships

Postdoctoral Training Grant in Precision Cancer Control

This NCI-funded T32 supports postdoctoral candidates who are committed to developing a successful independent research career in cancer control. Training areas include, but are not limited to: community-engaged research approaches, cancer care delivery research, behavioral interventions, health equity, mobile and electronic health (mHealth and eHealth) tools, translational science, epidemiology, geospatial analytics, and implementation science.

Fox Chase Cancer Center is currently seeking to fill two positions on this fellowship. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications should include: (1) Cover letter, including a list of up to 3 references; (2) Personal statement of research interests and career goals; and (3) CV. See the fellowship flyer or more information.

Applications can be submitted using this link: Application Portal: T32 Training Grant in Precision Cancer Control (

Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowships

Fox Chase currently maintains several endowed postdoctoral fellowships:

  • William J. Avery Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship; W.J. Avery Endowed Postdoctoral Fellowship

These two fellowships were established as a result of Fox Chase Cancer Center's Prevention Research Campaign. These fellowships were made possible by a generous gift from the Connelly Foundation in the name of its fellow trustee and Fox Chase Prevention Campaign Chairman William J. Avery.

  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Directors' Fellowship

This fellowship was established through many generous leadership gifts from members of the Fox Chase Cancer Center Governing Board as the inaugural project of the Cancer Prevention Research Campaign.

  • Lawrence Greenwald Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship is endowed through a gift from four foundations headed by members of the Greenwald family. The fellowship supports candidates with a commitment to research on leukemia and lymphomas.

  • Elizabeth Knight Patterson Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship, established in honor of longtime Fox Chase scientist Elizabeth Knight Patterson, supports postdoctoral research in structural biology and/or biochemistry.

  • Board of Associates Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is awarded through an annual gift from the Fox Chase Cancer Center Board of Associates.

  • F.M. Kirby Postdoctoral Fellowship

Established through the Kirby Family Endowed Fund to support a postdoctoral fellow belonging to one of the populations underrepresented in the extramural scientific workforce working in the area of fields related to cancer biology, prevention, treatment, and survivorship.

  • Philadelphia Foundation (Reimann)

Established through an annual donation from the Stanley P. Reimann Fellowship Fund to support research in cancer biology, prevention, treatment, and survivorship.

The above fellowships have no citizenship restrictions and cannot be transferred if the postdoctoral fellow leaves Fox Chase.

Application Requirements:

  • Completion of a PhD, MD, DVM or equivalent degree
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A brief research proposal written with the advice of a Fox Chase faculty member

Medical Fellowships

A number of medical fellowships are also available to qualified applicants.