Research Training Programs

A primary pillar of the rich Fox Chase tradition is training the next generation of cancer scientists and physicians. The Cancer Center provides support for over 40 graduate students and 70 postdoctoral fellows. Additionally, we host undergraduates in research laboratories for a wealth of internships during the summer and offer unique training programs for high school students interested in careers in science and medicine.  Learn about each of our programs by clicking the links below.

Core Research Facilities

Fox Chase has an outstanding array of core facilities that rival those of many larger research institutions. These facilities, which provide access to the latest technology and equipment, also provide essential services that would otherwise demand a considerable amount of benchwork on the part of the laboratory staff. Facilities include DNA micro-array, electron microscopy, cell imaging, histopathology, laser capture micro-dissection, molecular modeling, transgenic and knock-out mice, flow cytometry, antibody production, translational research (including siRNA and drug screening), tumor bank, tumor micro-array and many others.

Comprehensive Research Library

Fox Chase also has an exceptional research library located on campus. Staff librarians are always just a phone call, email or instant message away with answers to your questions, and provide full support through regular training sessions. Whether you need help crafting the perfect query in Medline or building a bibliography in EndNote, the Talbot Research Library staff is there to help. The library provides access to many online journals, databases and other resources, and the inviting library space includes comfortable seating, wireless access and a computer cluster for internet access and more.