Clinical Care

Patient Testimonial: Jennifer Gilbert, Cervical Cancer

In June 2010, Jennifer Gilbert began to experience uncontrollable pain. She sought medical attention from local physicians, but after several rounds of testing, no one had an answer, until finally her gynecologist diagnosed her with cervical cancer. 

July 28th: Sexuality and Intimacy During and After Gynecological Cancer

The Fox Chase Gynecologic Cancer Support Group relaunches Thursday, July 28, with a free educational event at 6:30 p.m. for patients impacted by gynecologic cancers. Glenne Fletcher, RN, BSN, Med, a clinical sexologist and sexuality educator and counselor, will speak on sexuality and intimacy during and after gynecological cancer.

Bringing Cancer Screenings to Underserved Communities

Fox Chase Cancer Center – Temple Health educators, led by Evelyn González, the Senior Director of the Office of Community Outreach at Fox Chase, are bringing cancer information tailored to the needs of underserved Latino populations to underserved communities.