Care Connect for Physicians


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A Program for Fox Chase Patients to Connect with Community Physicians

Many of our patients who receive treatment at Fox Chase are searching for a primary care/internal medicine physician close to home.

The Care Connect Program makes it easy for patients to find the right provider in their community that agrees to partner in their care—whether they need cancer screening, currently have cancer, or are a cancer survivor.

Care Connect is a collaboration between Fox Chase Cancer Center and community physicians.

Care Connect is a collaboration between Fox Chase Cancer Center and community physicians to guide patients through the transitions of their cancer journey. We combine cancer-related education, screening algorithms, survivorship care resources, and connectivity to provide patients with a seamless continuum of care.

Through the Care Connect program, patients know that their oncology and primary care providers are working together to provide high-quality services. This makes the Care Connect member network a truly valuable resource. The result is a seamless continuum of care for patients.

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Member Benefits

As a member of Care Connect, providers have access to the latest cancer-related information, patient support materials, survivorship resources, and services provided at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Fox Chase is recognized for excellence in cancer treatment, research, prevention, and education through its designation as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center.


The Care Connect core curriculum provides high-quality educational programming straight from our leading physicians.

  • Programming highlights common issues for cancer survivors
  • Includes topics relevant for member practices


Care Connect supports your clinical practice through:

  • Tools to effectively and efficiently implement cancer screening guidelines into your clinical practice
  • Patient education materials on cancer prevention screening, survivorship, genetics, and clinical trials
  • Provision of education about common cancer topics to frontline staff in Care Connect practices


Care Connect coordinates patients’ care so that the right services are delivered by the right provider.

  • Care coordination
    • Care Connect helps patients at Fox Chase Cancer Center who do not have a primary care/internal medicine physician to find a participating member for seamless transitions of care. 
  • Fox Chase Cancer Center Survivorship Program
    • Care Connect provides you with survivorship resources for your patients. These resources include summaries of completed cancer treatments and a comprehensive array of services, such as the Patient-to-Patient Network, and other support programs. 


Care Connect members have access to key tools that can benefit you and your patients.

  • Electronic access and enhanced communication
    • Electronic access allows patients to communicate with their treatment team through Epic or EpicCare Link, which simplifies and streamlines patient care management.
  • Fox Chase patient navigation services
    • Our disease-specific nurse navigators work with your staff and patient to understand clinical referrals, coordinate records/pathology/radiology, assess barriers, and provide education about disease and appointment experience.

How to Apply

To become a Fox Chase Cancer Center Care Connect member, contact the Care Connect Program at 215-728-3536.