Financial Assistance/Charity Care and Health Insurance Marketplace Information

Financial Assistance/Charity Care

Fox Chase Cancer Center provides free or reduced-priced care to persons who qualify, as well as assistance in applying for and obtaining government-funded insurance programs and ACA Marketplace Plans.

If you are uninsured and/or cannot afford the cost of your care, you are encouraged to contact our Financial Counseling Department at 215-728-2678 or 215-728-3162. Financial counselors are available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

For billing inquiries, please call 888-336-5897.

You can also view/print a copy of our Financial Assistance/Charity Care Policy and/or Application by clicking on the links below:

Health Insurance Marketplace

For Health Insurance Marketplace information or assistance, please click here.

Contact our Financial Service Representatives

If you have any questions about your hospital or physician bill, please contact the following Fox Chase Cancer Center representatives.

If you have questions about a bill or payment related to a hospital stay or service dated October 1, 2022 or after, call 888-336-5897

Financial Counselors are available at the following phone numbers: