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myTempleHealth is replacing myFoxChase

Your myFoxChase online account is being replaced by a myTempleHealth online account on July 12, 2022. A myTempleHealth account was created for you when you signed up for myFoxChase, and you will have still access to all of your Fox Chase information. We encourage you to log into myTempleHealth now to make sure you are prepared for this transition. In most cases, your myFoxChase username and password will work, but if it does not, please contact us at for assistance.

New patients can sign up for Fox Chase Cancer Center's Patient Portal at myTempleHealth.

myFoxChase Patient Portal


Sign in to your myTempleHealth account using your myFoxChase email address and password.

Forgot your password? The myFoxChase password reset is no longer available, so please visit the myTempleHealth password reset page and log into your myTempleHealth account. You will have the same access to your records as your myFoxChase account.

Don't Have an Online Patient Portal Account?

myTempleHealth is an easy-to-use website for all patients of Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple Health that allows you to:

  • Check your health record and appointments
  • Send secure messages to your health care team
  • View and print your schedule and appointments using a monthly calendar view
  • See your lab results when they become available

By pre-registering online, you receive the benefits of myTempleHealth and help the registration process run more smoothly. If you did not register for an account at the time you used the online appointment form, you can still get an account. Your After-Visit summary will have an activation code.

Follow these instructions to register for your myTempleHealth account.


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