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Fox Chase International (FCI) fosters access to the exceptional skills and resources available at Fox Chase Cancer Center (FCCC) to support the cancer related training, diagnosis and treatment needs abroad. FCI also offers specialized support to define advanced standards for prevention, high-risk assessment, diagnosis and management. A partnership with Fox Chase experts will lead to the establishment of cutting edge standards, training of physicians and support personnel, improve recovery rates of cancer patients globally, and establish world-class cancer centers and biosample repositories abroad.

Range of Services:

  • High level, macro- and micro-environment advisory services, such as:
    • Conducting healthcare program feasibility analysis
    • Identifying optimal healthcare operating models
    • improving quality and patient safety
    • Achieving Joint Commission International and other accreditations
  • New facility planning, covering a variety of domains: demand analysis, clinical feasibility, healthcare organizational structure, supporting department feasibility, regulatory issues, site planning, financials, architects, builders and roadmaps to provide step-by-step guidance of projects through completion.
  • Development of healthcare delivery strategies intended to improve population health, for example screening, early detection, biorepositories, etc.
  •  Access to the FCI-directed consortium of academic medical centers interested in and capable of providing temporary/ongoing leadership personnel (administrative, management, clinical).
  • Establishment of joint clinical symposia, and professional training exchanges such as clinical and leadership observerships.
  • International patients services such as oncology patient referrals to Fox Chase Cancer Center, clinical trials, remote second opinions and physician to physician collaborations.
  • Development of healthcare advisory boards (e.g., tumor boards).

If you would like to contact us directly please email: [email protected].

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Navigating International Medicine (page 10-13)