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 Colon Cancer Coalition’s Annual Get Your Rear in Gear Run/Walk
March 18, 2019

Fox Chase Supports Annual “Get Your Rear in Gear” Run/Walk to Fight Colon Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (March 18, 2019) — Fox Chase Cancer Center is pleased to announce its continuing support for the Colon Cancer Coalition’s Annual Get Your Rear in Gear run/walk. Faculty, staff, volunteers, patients, survivors, and their families will come together as members of the Fox Chase team on Sunday, March 24.

March 11, 2019

Finding by Cancer Researchers Will Help Identify New Targets for Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases

PHILADELPHIA (March 11, 2019) — Adhesion of lymphocytes to their cellular targets is critical to adaptive immunity, the body’s ability to assign specific antibodies to pathogens. RAP1 function can be suppressed if its effector protein (RIAM) adopts an autoinhibitory configuration, and this suppression of RAP1 function is released once RIAM is phosphorylated. 

Functional conservation of a developmental switch in mammals since the Jurassic age
March 6, 2019

Key Regulator of Immune System Defies Evolution

PHILADELPHIA (March 6, 2019) — New research from scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center suggests the immune gene ThPOK has remained similar for more than 165 million years.

Suzanne M. Miller, PhD
March 5, 2019

Enhanced Counseling Could Better Prepare High-Risk Men for Prostate Cancer Screening Results

PHILADELPHIA (March 5, 2019) – Men at high-risk for prostate cancer are the most likely to undergo routine prostate cancer screening, and now, scientists at Fox Chase Cancer Center have developed a method of preparatory counseling that could better help to prepare these men for the psychological impact of their screening results.

March 1, 2019

Fox Chase Cancer Center Encourages Individuals to Schedule a Colorectal Cancer Screening This March

PHILADELPHIA (March 1, 2019) —Patients, survivors, caregivers and advocates join together this March for National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. 

Depending on age, many women with estrogen-positive HER2-negative breast cancer don’t need chemo.
February 21, 2019

Many Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer Can Skip Chemotherapy

The TAILORx trial found that thousands of women with a certain type of early-stage hormone-positive, HER-2 negative breast cancer did just as well with hormone therapy alone. 

The Co-Diagnosis® service is delivered by a full-featured, intuitive and HIPAA-compliant online platform.
February 19, 2019

MORE Health Announces Partnership with Fox Chase Cancer Center to offer Patients Remote Second Opinions

SAN MATEO, CA, February 19, 2019 — Fox Chase Cancer Center and MORE Health, a global healthcare company, announced a cutting-edge partnership that gives patients from across the world access to the nationally ranked physicians of Fox Chase Cancer Center through MORE Health’s Physician Collaboration Platform™.

Krais works in the lab of Neil Johnson. His research will focus on the RNF168 protein.
February 18, 2019

John Krais Receives Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Grant to Seek Better Understanding of DNA Repair in BRCA1 Mutant Cancer

PHILADELPHIA (February 18, 2019) — John Krais, PhD, a postdoctoral researcher at Fox Chase Cancer Center, recently received a two-year, $75,000 grant from the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) for his investigation into DNA repair processes in BRCA1 mutant cancers.


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