Fox Chase Cancer Center News

Race Shown to Predict Survival Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer Clinical Trials

PHILADELPHIA (December 7, 2022)—Racial disparities in head and neck cancer (HNC) survival are well documented, with Black patients experiencing twice the mortality rate of whites. Previous research has shown that demographic factors like socioeconomic status and access to healthcare play a role. A study published today by researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center suggests that independent of these factors, race itself may predict disparate outcomes between patients.

RNA Next-Generation Sequencing Offers More Accurate, Less Invasive Analysis for Lung Cancers

PHILADELPHIA (November 18, 2022)—Genetically targeted therapy can make treatment for lung cancer much more effective, but testing to identify specific gene fusions involved in the disease remains a challenge. However, a new study by researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center demonstrates that RNA next-generation sequencing (RNA-NGS) can offer results that are more accurate and comprehensive while using smaller tissue samples.