Cancer Study Group Launches Collaborative Patient Care Effort with Fox Chase Cancer Center

Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC. (April 13, 2022) — Cancer Study Group, LLC, a company that works with employer and union health plans to guide their patients through cancer, is partnering with Fox Chase Cancer Center to provide patients fast, dedicated access to sub-specialized care.

This year, Cancer Study Group (CSG) launched their Cancer Navigator service with labor union partners in Philadelphia. CSG works with newly-diagnosed cancer patients to help them find great doctors and centers for their specific type of cancer and to get second opinions. Cancer Study Group’s partnership with Fox Chase is designed to create a faster, smoother path for patients to receive care (or a second opinion) at the hospital.

“Cancer treatments are advancing incredibly quickly, offering new hope to patients and their families. We know, though, that not every patient reaches the best care for their specific disease,” said Adam Bradley, co-founder of Cancer Study Group. “Through partnerships with top centers like Fox Chase Cancer Center, we can ensure that every patient has easy access to top-notch, specialized care that can give them their best shot.”

Cancer Study Group’s partnership with Fox Chase Cancer Center will allow them to deepen the service they provide for patients in the Philadelphia region, making the experience of accessing specialized care even easier for patients.

“Fox Chase Cancer Center is committed to cancer care in our community at every level. We are thrilled to be entering into this collaboration with Cancer Study Group to facilitate increased expedited access to cancer experts for newly diagnosed cancer patients,” said Rob Uzzo, MD, acting CEO of the Hospital of Fox Chase Cancer Center. 

The Partnership, with more Detail

Fox Chase Cancer Center has established a direct relationship with Cancer Study Group and the patients their Cancer Navigators serve. For any patient who would like care at Fox Chase Cancer Center, CSG’s Cancer Navigators will be able to work directly with designated contacts at Fox Chase to help patients get appointments with the right specialists, right away.

“Patients I work with often want appointments with the top specialists for their type of cancer. As I’m arranging care for these patients, speed and ease of access are essential” said Jenn Smith, Cancer Navigator at CSG. “The Dedicated Access that Fox Chase is providing allows us to get our patients in to see the top experts with fewer delays.”

A cancer diagnosis is extremely hard for patients, but reaching the best care doesn’t need to be. This partnership will allow Cancer Study Group to make this journey easier for patients.

“This partnership with Cancer Study Group will allow us to better facilitate expert cancer care for patients at every stage of the cancer journey. We are excited to realize the potential of what can be done for the patients represented by Cancer Study Group,” said Jeffrey Farma, MD, FACS, chief of the division of general surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center.

About Cancer Study Group

Cancer Study Group, LLC, is on a mission to guide patients through cancer, helping them reach fantastic doctors for their care. Cancer Study Group offers its Cancer Navigator service as a benefit to patients through their employer and union health plans. Cancer Study Group serves as an impartial advisor to cancer patients and has no financial relationship with any hospital. Any partnerships with hospitals are designed to offer an easier path for patients to specific top centers, should that be their choice.

Fox Chase Cancer Center (Fox Chase), which includes the Institute for Cancer Research and the American Oncologic Hospital and is a part of Temple Health, is one of the leading comprehensive cancer centers in the United States. Founded in 1904 in Philadelphia as one of the nation’s first cancer hospitals, Fox Chase was also among the first institutions to be designated a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1974. Fox Chase is also one of just 10 members of the Alliance of Dedicated Cancer Centers. Fox Chase researchers have won the highest awards in their fields, including two Nobel Prizes. Fox Chase physicians are also routinely recognized in national rankings, and the Center’s nursing program has received the Magnet recognition for excellence six consecutive times. Today, Fox Chase conducts a broad array of nationally competitive basic, translational, and clinical research, with special programs in cancer prevention, detection, survivorship, and community outreach. It is the policy of Fox Chase Cancer Center that there shall be no exclusion from, or participation in, and no one denied the benefits of, the delivery of quality medical care on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression, disability, age, ancestry, color, national origin, physical ability, level of education, or source of payment.

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