Elizabeth Anderson Society

The Elizabeth Anderson Society honors thoughtful friends of Fox Chase who have established gifts in the form of a bequest, gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, life insurance policy, retirement account, or select gifts of real estate.

In 1906, patient Elizabeth Anderson, a friend of a trustee, gave a bequest of $40,000 to support the fledgling hospital that would later become Fox Chase Cancer Center—the equivalent of more than $1 million today. Elizabeth Anderson Society members display this same commitment to advancing cancer science and medicine well beyond their lifetime. Fox Chase is proud to partner with these generous donors.

Once you complete your estate plan, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in the Elizabeth Anderson Society.

Special benefits for society members include:

  • Subscription to Fox Chase Vision, a semi-annual newsletter
  • Recognition on the Fox Chase donor wall
  • Invitations to select events

For more information on planned giving and the Elizabeth Anderson Society:

  • Pat Simpson, Administrative Assistant, Major & Planned Gifts, 215-728-4740

Elizabeth Anderson Society Donors

Edith H. Ahlum*
Frances J. Alberstadt*
Anthony J. Amato*
Vivian Archangelo*
Bertha M. Babiasz*
Florence Gertrude Baker*
Joseph Balsham*
Nellie Kathleen Bancroft*
Patricia Cook Bannen and Kenneth* Bannen
Margaret D. Barber*
Emily R. Bartolacci* and Raymond Bartolacci
Alice C. Bassett*
Charles R. Batdorf, Sr.*
Caroline L. Battiato*
Toni-Lee Beigel
Janet J. Bell*
John C. Bennett
Alan H. Bernstein
Martin (Mike) M. Bigelman*
Raphaela Blum
Rita Borsari
Robert C. Borsch*
Elizabeth J. Bowles*
Ruth G. Bowman*
Mike Breuninger and Kay Breuninger
Harry Bridges
Helen T. Brown*
D. Ruth Browne*
Kathleen Bullano
Dr. Robert C. Busby and Mrs. Patricia A. Busby*
John M. Caccese*
Christina Canales and Ernesto Canales
Dominic J. Carina*
Gloria Carson* and John Carson*
Dr. Kenneth B. Charlesworth and Jane Charlesworth
Mary E. Charok*
Tristram C. Colket, Jr.
Albert R. Costa*
Margaret A. Coughlin and Thomas A. Coughlin
Fay Neil Cressman*
Robert J. Cronk
Maureen A. Cullen and J. Russell Cullen, Jr.
Ella B. Cummings*
Warren W. Cunningham*





Hilda J. Daily*
Lia M. Skillern and Theodore S. Dalstrom
Elizabeth Dambrowski
Emily M. Dannaker
Jean A. Davis*
Robert J. Davis* and Helen R. Davis
Adele M. Dawgert*
Mary de Vos*
Carol A. Della Penna and Louis E. Della Penna
Benjamin F. DeLong*
Linda Devlin and Robert Devlin
John A. Dietz* and Joan M. Dietze*
Arline Dolich and Ira R. Dolich
Virginia W. Dunn*
Kendra B. Eager, PhD
Yvonne Eldridge
Carol Elfant
George R. Elwert*
Nina C. Evans*
Adell H. Farrell*
Francis S. Fenstermacher*
Beth Ferraro and Frank Ferraro
Nancy T. Finnegan*
Doris K. Firth*
Leon C. Fisher*
Doris V. Fisher*
Josephine R. Fitz*
Rene E. Fleischmann*
Louise Perow Flurer
Thomas P. Foley*
Harriet Forman*
William R. Frazier, Jr.*
Othel Y. Freeman*
Zella W. Fromuth*


Barbara R. Gabriele and Alfonse Gabriele
Roselyn Gainor*
Helen J. Gebhardt
Catherine R. Getchell and Peter E. Getchell
Alberta A. Gladeck*
Jack Glass*
Lawrence C. Gloeckler, Sr.*
Nancy Goldy and Robert Goldy*
Fern R. Graf*
Concetta Greenberg
Stanley A. Greene
Elizabeth Kapnek Grenald
Elizabeth C. Griffiths and Llewellyn J. Griffiths*
Frances W. Gross*
Dr. Paul J. Grotzinger* and Mary Rita Grotzinger*
Stephen M. Hanzlik*
Linda Hassan*
Eugene M. Hensel*
Edith D. Highley
Lois Hitchman
Hoffman Family Trust
Jane E. Hollenbach
Lucille M. H. Holloway*
Smith Hamill Horne*
Alice M. Hungerford
David P. Ineich
Alma R. Jacobs and J. Alexander Jacobs*
George R. James Sr.*
Rodney D. Johnson
Leroy A. Jones*
Mary Ann Jones and John W. Jones
Lillian Josephs*
Barbara R. Kahn and Charles Kahn Jr.
Elizabeth A. Kaiser*
Sophia Kallelis*
Jessie Kartyn*
Selma Katz*
Kathryn A. Kelly*
Elizabeth M. Kennedy
David Kerner*
Beryl M. Kiefer*
Gwendolyn S. King
G. Harold Kistner* and Janet Kistner
Janet B. Kovacs
Geraldine M. Kozempel and Robert Kozempel*
Esther R. Kraft*
Bernard Kuchuk*
Katherine Kukoda*
Arline M. Lachot*
Martha Leedy and R. Donald Leedy
Michael Levin
John Henry Lewis*
Ruth Lewis* and Robert A. Lewis*
Andrew L. Lewis, IV
Naomi P. Lippincott and Philip E. Lippincott
Susan Little and William G. Little
Arnold L. Lowe*
Angela M. Lynch
Helen Lytle*
Nancy Y. Markowich
John T. McCarthy* and Laura McCarthy*
Joseph W. McCloskey*
Jane M. McDevitt*
Hugh E. McDonald Sr.*
Richard B. Millham
Cathie M. Minehart and Thomas Z. Minehart
James F. Mitchell III
Diane Morgan and David Morgan
John A. Mullican*


Michael J. Nauss
Elma Neeld
Martha B. Newkirk*
Lorraine R. Nyemetz*
Diane W. Nyland
Janet W. Oberhaus*
Catherine A. O'Dea*
Anthony D. Orsi*
Anthony V. Pagnotto*
Kaye Paletz
Matilda R. Pangborne*
Sandra Paugh
Wenona C. Paul and Raymond A. Paul Jr.
Jane G. Pepper
Stanley R. Phelps*
Beatrice C. Pilch
Irma S. Platnick
Ira Edward Polin*
Hazel M. Poole*
Clare K. Porac, Ph.D.
Mildred C. Primakoff*
Joan A. Radcliffe*
Joanne Rankin and Alexander Rankin
Arthur M. Rapoport*
Richard K. Raskin*
Burton Richards*
Mary Ann Riehl*
Robert A. Ritter*
Edward J. Roach*
Richard C. Roden
John Romagano*
Joseph C. Romano*
Oscar V. Roten*
John Ruggio
Nora Ruggio*
Francis Sacwright*
Minerva Sarfert*
Gay Schader* and Byron K.* Schader
Wilma L. Schmidt*
John A. Schmidt*
Carol Schramek
Charles Schramek*
Karen Schwartz
Josephine Scully
Charlotte M. Seabold*
Clarence S. Shoup*
Patricia M. Slattery*
James M. Smith*
Marie G. Solis*
Barbara L. Sparks
Alice D. Stehlik*
Maya Stezherenskaya*
Florence Stieber*
Dorothy S. Stier*
Bonnie Stock
Mary C. Stoneback*
Bayard Stonehill
Elizabeth C. Strang*
Henry Stuebner*
Betty N. Supplee*
Evelyn J. Swarttz
Nancy K. Switzer
Clyde E. Switzer*


Anne T. Taylor*
Sylvia Teeman*
Frances H. Vance*
Ethel M. Vansant*
Adele E. Vehl and Richard C. Vehl
Anna Vinerova
James J. Walters*
Vickie Wasserberger* and George D. Wasserberger
Nancy W. Wasserman*
Norman F. Watts
Sandra W. Weckesser, Esquire
Ellen J. Wholey*
Kenneth L. Williams*
Maurice M. Witkin*
Toby Wolfberg*
Sarah H. Wolfberg*
Doris E. Woll*
Johnina C. Woods and William S. Woods Jr.
Ruth C. Young*
Justin L. Young
Elsie C. Ziegler*
Deni M. Zodda, PhD*

And many friends who wish to remain anonymous


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