Why Choose Fox Chase for Colorectal Cancer Treatment?

Maybe you have a family history of colorectal cancer and are wondering which type of screening is right for you. Or maybe you’ve received an initial diagnosis at your local hospital — and now you are looking for a second opinion.

No matter where you are in your fight against colorectal cancer, one thing is certain: Getting medical care from people who specialize in your cancer type should be a top priority.

What Sets Fox Chase Apart

  • We have received the highest designation from the National Cancer Institute (NCI) as a Comprehensive Cancer Center. This means we have received recognition for leading the way in cancer treatment, research, prevention, and education. As a result, our patients have access to life-saving tools and treatments that may not be available elsewhere.
  • As a patient, you have access to physicians who are known worldwide for being experts at treating colorectal cancer. For over a decade, Fox Chase has ranked among the nation’s top hospitals for cancer care. Our physicians are consistently named among the best in their specialties in Philadelphia Magazine’s annual Top Doctors list.
  • Fox Chase physicians and investigators have received numerous awards and honors, including Nobel Prizes in medicine and chemistry. We’re at the front of the line for developing new treatments that can improve a patient’s chances of recovering from cancer or having a better quality of life.
  • We provide a full spectrum of care for colorectal cancer — from detection through survivorship, including innovative diagnostics and treatment, careful follow-up care after recovery, and much more.
  • Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care and support to both you and your family, including referrals to community resources that offer support to patients and families.
  • We also offer access to clinical trials, meaning you have access to emerging and innovative therapies for colorectal cancer.

Why Begin Treatment at Fox Chase

Where you start your colorectal cancer care matters. Because we are a dedicated gastrointestinal care team within a dedicated cancer center, our patients often have access to procedures that may not be available at a local general hospital.

At Fox Chase, the results of your biopsy or screening procedure will be carefully examined by our GI team. This may include a pathologist trained specifically in analyzing cancerous tissue samples. Or it may also include a radiologist trained in reading GI cancer-related imaging studies. Together, these specialists can determine your exact diagnosis.

Our teams of medical experts from different areas of colorectal cancer care work together to determine the best approach to treatment. And we strive to keep patients and their families informed and updated throughout the process.

This means making sure you understand your treatment plan, which will be customized for your needs based on the type, location, and stage of cancer. We also take our patient’s age and genetics into account when developing a treatment plan.

Because Fox Chase is actively involved in colorectal cancer research, we strive to offer the least invasive, leading-edge treatments to our patients. Research is often aimed at finding new and better ways of treating cancer. Fox Chase is dedicated to discovering and adopting these new innovations to treat our patients.

Why Come to Fox Chase Even If You’ve Already Started Treatment

Whether you have already started treatment elsewhere and are looking for standout care — or if you are in search of a second opinion — coming to Fox Chase is your next step. A second doctor can confirm or uncover important details about your diagnosis that the original doctor may have missed. They'll review your suggested treatment plan and see if other options are available at Fox Chase that were unavailable at your first medical center.

There are several things that set Fox Chase apart in the world of colorectal cancer care: 

  • Involvement in colorectal cancer research
  • Access to innovative, customized approaches to treatment
  • A specialized, multidisciplinary team approach to care

Your Colorectal Cancer Treatment Team

Our colorectal cancer team includes:

  • Nurse navigators, who can provide education, assistance, and advocacy for colorectal cancer patients and their families throughout diagnosis, treatment, and beyond
  • A medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, and surgeon who are all specially trained in gastrointestinal (GI) conditions — this specialization sets us apart from more generalized cancer treatment teams at other hospitals
  • A gerontology-focused provider who is able to cater to the unique needs of older patients
  • A GI-specific genetic counselor who is able to assist patients with genetic predispositions to colorectal cancers
  • Social workers, pain management specialists, a transport coordinator, and other support staff to meet the unique needs of colorectal cancer patients
“The team is the most important thing in a patient’s care, because this goes far beyond just using a knife and taking out a tumor. This is a journey that starts in the beginning and lasts years after a diagnosis.”

Dr. Sanjay Reddy, MD, FACS

Clinical Trials at Fox Chase

Fox Chase is actively involved in clinical trials to advance our ability to treat colorectal cancers. And our clinical trials team is focused specifically on GI-related research. As a leader in cancer research, we are able to offer patients access to innovative care and treatment options.

This can be especially helpful for patients whose colorectal cancer has been traditionally considered difficult to treat or whose unique needs — based on age, genetics, or other factors — may make them candidates for newer, less invasive treatments.

Any of our doctors can enroll eligible and interested patients in one of our clinical trials. This flexibility increases appointment availability and makes it easier for our patients to make appointments that fit their schedule.

As with everything we do, our goal is to support our colorectal cancer patients and their families by offering world-class care and personalized support.