Postdoctoral Research Program

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While the mission of Fox Chase Cancer Center to "prevail over cancer" is very precise, our over 70 robust science programs spread across 5 departments are remarkably diverse. Our research departments include labs studying the most fundamental cellular processes often co-opted in cancer to those translating their findings to the clinic. Complementing these programs are superior core facilities, outstanding support staff, and a collaborative environment that together make Fox Chase a truly outstanding place to work.

Areas of Research

The Postdoctoral Research Program promotes training in any of Fox Chase's laboratories engaged in research. The following are areas of research with faculty participating in the postdoctoral training program:


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In addition to numerous journal clubs, training seminars, science writing, career preparation, one-on-one coaching, joint laboratory meetings, and intramural and extramural seminar series, Fox Chase provides a concerted training program specifically designed to maximize productivity and equip postdocs to make informed career choices upon completing their postdoctoral experience at Fox Chase.  Moreover, professional network and social community building both inside and outside of the lab is encouraged through social events, peer-peer and near-peer opportunities, and Cancer Center-wide training events.

Competitive Pay and Benefits

The postdoctoral salary scale is set by the NIH and is commensurate with experience, ranging from $61,008 - $74,088.

Fox Chase postdoctoral fellows and clinical residents also enjoy a generous benefits package, including:

  • Subsidized day care
  • Health and dental insurance

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Support the Postdoctoral Research Program

Training postdoctoral candidates to become the next generation of scientists is central to Fox Chase Cancer Center’s tradition of leadership in cancer research. The Center provides a host of valuable resources to enrich professional and personal lives and fosters an environment conducive to strong collaboration across all disciplines - accounting for its consistent acclaim as one of the best places for postdocs to work by The Scientist magazine. Thank you for helping to enrich the experience for future trainees!

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