Immersion Science Program

The goal of Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Immersion Science Program is to identify and train future scientists who share our commitment to prevail over cancer.

Immersion Science

ISP students are problem solvers with the curiosity, intellect, and dedication to conduct cutting edge cancer research with the potential to impact patients’ lives. 

ISP students work with professional scientists and educators, drawing from their personal experiences to design projects aimed at understanding how diet influences cancer signaling.

We are looking for participants that want to contribute academically, socially, and intellectually to the ISP Community.  Students who think outside-the-box, have collaborative natures, and will go on to be ambassadors of the ISP are encouraged to apply. 

Participants must be at least 16 years of age and will have completed both biology and chemistry. All schools are welcome to support their students in their applications.


5 primary programs:

  • Research at Fox Chase
  • Summer Fellows Program
  • Fly Lab @ Esperanza College
  • Immersion Essentials
  • In-Classroom Program

Research Courses on the FCCC Campus

  • ISP 2019
    An 11-week laboratory research training course for students over 16 years old who have completed Chemistry and Biology is comprised of boot camp training in lab techniques in the context of a screen for nutrients that impact cancer signaling. Short lectures highlight conceptual skills including the cellular basis for cancer and the use of Drosophila in cancer research. Students advance to tackle challenges including experimental design and analysis while developing their own novel research projects aimed at defining how diet influences cancer signaling. more...
    Application period closes October 30, 2019
  • Summer Fellows Program
    Our summer fellows program is open to select students who have completed the 11-week ISP laboratory research training program. Funded by grants from the National Cancer Institute (CURE) and the Kahn Family, students conduct independent research in labs at Fox Chase Cancer Center. more…

In-Classroom Program

C- ISP is a new program where students conduct novel research in school and send the data to the ISP for inclusion in scientific publications. more…

Immersion Science Fly Lab at Esperanza College


Fly Lab is modeled on the 11-week ISP course serving a primarily Hispanic population and works to bring STEM to life for the Hispanic community and beyond.  The program takes place in the early summer at Esperanza College. more…

Immersion Essentials

Immersion Essentials

This summer exposure-to-research camp program for 13-15 year olds takes place on the Pottstown and Blue Bell campuses of Montgomery County Community College during July. more…

Teacher Training Program

T-ISP trains middle school and high school teachers who are interested in creating the ISP Teaching Lab in their home classrooms and training their students in collaboration with the ISP team. more…

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