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Posted on Friday, June 5, 2015

Danielle Talbot’s life changed one day in chemistry class. “My teacher hands me this form for the Fox Chase Immersion Science program and tells me to apply,” she says. “I look at the form, confused, and ask, ‘Research?’ But all my teacher says is, ‘Just do it. Just apply.’”

Talbot, who graduates from Saint Hubert High School in Northeast Philadelphia in June 2015, has always loved science, but her plan was college, then medical school. Beyond her basic high school lab classes, she didn’t really know anything about scientific research.

It’s for students like Talbot that Alana O’Reilly, an associate professor and biologist at Fox Chase, started Immersion Science in spring 2013. By bringing high school students into the lab for hands-on training, the Immersion Science program prepares and inspires the students to take on careers in science.

“We’ve been absolutely amazed with the students.”

“We’re not looking for students who can find the right answer, we’re looking for students who use their creativity and figure out how to work together to solve a problem,” says O’Reilly. “We’ve been absolutely amazed with the students. They want to do research, and they’re good at it. With this different kind of training, they’re going to be leaders in the medical world.”


(Read more in Fox Chase's Forward magazine.)

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