What We Offer - surg path

Anatomic Pathology

The department examines approximately 15,000 surgical cases and 4,000 non-GYN cytology cases per year, all of which are cancer related. Three oncologic surgical pathology fellowship positions are available. Emphasis is placed on the diagnosis of common and uncommon adult malignancies. Services in histology, cytology, immunohistochemistry, molecular pathology, flow cytometry, cytogenetics and molecular genetics provide up-to-date resources for diagnosis and research purposes.

Educational Goals and Philosophy

The fellowship program is designed to provide in-depth experience in the pathology of tumors. The pathology material varies in scope, and the program provides ample exposure to a wide variety of tumors and tumor-like conditions. The main emphasis of the program is on diagnosis. There is an open door policy throughout the department, and fellows have ready access to the senior staff at all times. Our being a relatively small department is conducive to this intimate approach to education.


Surgical pathology at Fox Chase is the required rotation for ten months of the year (one month potential elective time). At Fox Chase, fellows are exposed to the specialized pathology of tumors and cancer-related conditions. The primary experience of the fellows is in the hands-on day-to-day dealing with surgical material, including institutional consultation cases. Light microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and molecular studies are utilized.

The experience of the fellows in oncologic surgical pathology is progressive, with the final objective being to function comfortably as independent consultants in charge of the diagnosis of neoplastic processes and other problems associated with cancer. Fellows take more responsibility and personal action in the handling and diagnosis of cases as the fellowship year progresses.