Undergraduate Research Program

In addition to training postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, Fox Chase Cancer Center has active research education programs for those entering and currently enrolled in college. These programs give students the opportunity to work on research projects with Fox Chase faculty during the summer and after school.

Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Fox Chase continues to mentor undergraduates from diverse colleges and universities by engaging them in summer research projects. Since the early 1990s, Eileen Jaffe has overseen a competitive undergraduate summer research fellowship program, which has funded 10-15 undergraduate researchers each summer. Although Fox Chase is currently seeking sponsorship for this very effective program, there is a continuing institutional commitment. The current stipend is set at $4,500 for ten weeks of full-time research.

Lincoln University – Fox Chase Partnership

The Lincoln University - Fox Chase Partnership in Cancer Research and Training was supported by a P20 grant collaboration funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), in an effort to enhance the instruction of minority and majority scientists at Lincoln and Fox Chase about cancer health disparities. Collaborations and interactions between the institutions continue. Students in the program learn key cancer principles through first-class biomedical and population-based research, as well as participate in scientific conferences and various team-based projects.

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