Career Path Education Series

What You Need to Know: Careers in Science and Medicine Education Series


Every summer, Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Office of Academic Affairs hosts a series of free weekly one-hour long seminars aimed at educating the community about careers in science and healthcare.  During each seminar, one or two specialists from across the Center share their stories and answer questions about their training and career path. Careers in health care, science, communications, community engagement, marketing and much, much more are represented.

The 2023 series will consist of 5 sessions starting the week of July 17th.

Please check back for speaker information and links to register!

Monday, July 17, 2023 - Noon

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Shelly Hayes, MD - Director, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Buckingham - Read more

Title:What's Your Story and How Did You Get Here?

Shelly Hayes, MD is the director of Fox Chase Cancer Center Buckingham and associate professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology. She treats all types of adult cancers. During her presentation, Shelly will discuss how she ended up at Fox Chase and the choices made along the way. Shelly will offer her advice to students for how they can find a career that aligns their strengths with what brings them joy/satisfaction. LinkedIn

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Lucia Borreillo, PhD - Assistant Professor, Cancer and Cellular Biology - Read more

Title: Follow your passion, don't follow the trend, be unique, and never give up!

Lucia Borriello, PhD is an assistant professor in the Department of Cancer and Cellular Biology in the Lewis Katz School of Medicine. During her seminar, Lucia will share her journey in science, from a young girl growing up in Italy and the important role that mentors played in her life. She hopes to share the message that no matter what, if you believe in your idea, just go for it, and never give up. Follow your passion, be unique, and do not give up on your dreams! LinkedIn

Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - Noon

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Michael Hall, MD, MS - Chair, Department of Clinical Genetics

Title: Who are my people?

Michael Hall, MD, MS is the Chairman of the Department of Clinical Genetics and co-Lead of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program. During his presentation, Dr. Hall will share his views on how making thoughtful choices about WHO we want populating our lives is as critical as the WHERE we do it or the WHAT we may be doing. Finding your people is finding your purpose. LinkedIn Twitter

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Charnita Zeigler-Johnson, PhD, MPH - Associate Director of Community Outreach and Engagement - Read more

Title: Journey to a Career in Public Health

Charnita Zeigler-Johnson, PhD, MPH is an epidemiologist, educator, and administrator. She has been at Fox Chase Cancer Center for 8 months, where she currently serves as Associate Professor and Associate Director of Community Outreach and Engagement. She also serves as an Adjunct Instructor of Advanced Epidemiology at the College of Population Health at Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Zeigler-Johnson’s dedication to lifelong learning and love of mentoring has guided her career choices and multiple service activities. During her presentation, she will discuss how her multidisciplinary training and life experiences led her from first generation college student to her current leadership role in community outreach at Fox Chase Cancer Center. LinkedIn

Monday, July 24, 2023 - Noon

Johnathan Whetstine, PhD - Director, Cancer Epigenetics Institute; Co-Program Leader, Nuclear Dynamics and Cancer - Read more

Title: Why Being a Scientist is Cool...

John Whetstine, PhD is a professor, the director of the Cancer Epigenetics Institute at Fox Chase Cancer Center and program co-leader of the Nuclear Dynamics and Cancer program. He is a scientist, educator, and devoted mentor. Have you wondered how or why a colleague, mentor, or scientist decided to become a “Scientist” or do “Academic” research? Have you ever wondered if their path was easier, linear or as complicated as it may seem to those looking at this career at different stages? During his seminar John will aim to provide a glimpse into his own experience with these questions and how his path resulted in being at Fox Chase.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023 - Noon

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Jill Horne - Senior Manager, Internal Communications - Read more

Title: A Professional Writer in an Unlikely Place: How I Found My Way to Being Where I Want to Be, Doing What I Love

Jill Horne is the Senior Manager of Internal Communications at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Her passion for writing began at an early age and has evolved into a career she loves in a place where such contributions may seem unlikely to some. From preparing book reports in grade school with help from her mother at their kitchen table to composing executive communications in consultation with the senior leaders of a world-class comprehensive cancer center, writing has long had a significant place in Jill’s life. A pivotal experience in her teen years helped forge Jill’s path to applying this skill to the healthcare setting. In her talk, she will share how this experience shaped her future decisions and the steps she took to pursue her education and a career as a professional communicator in healthcare. LinkedIn

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Yan Zhou, PhD, MSE - Associate Research Professor, Computational Biologist - Read more

Title: Following your intuition to figuring your way out

Yan Zhou, PhD, MSE is a computational biologist who specializes in genomic data analysis in cancer medicine. She implements computational and bioinformatics methods to analyze and interpret complex genomic data for the study of underling mechanisms in cancer. During her presentation, Yan will talk about her path to being a data scientist and pivotal experiences. She will share her educational, training, and personal journey that’s led her to be a valuable, long-time member of Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Core. LinkedIn

Monday, July 31, 2023 - Noon

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Jennifer Keller, MSS, LSW - Interim Manager, Department of Social Work Services - Read more

Title: Keeping Your Eyes Open for Possibilities

Jennifer Keller, MSS, LCSW, is the interim manager of the Department of Social Work Services at Fox Chase Cancer Center. During her presentation, Jen will discuss how her flexible training in social work has allowed her to engage in a wide range of professional experiences and has led to her current roles of helping patients, managing a department, and serving on a National Comprehensive Cancer Center (NCCN) panel. LinkedIn

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Joel Helmke, MSHP, FACHE - Chief Operating Officer, Fox Chase Cancer Center - Read more

Title: Your Personal Strategic Plan

Joel Helmke, MHA serves as the Chief Organizing Officer at Fox Chase Cancer Center. In this role he develops, designs, and improves the systems to deliver the best compassionate health care. During his presentation, Joel will describe how broader thinking about your personal values and the weight of these values on various aspects of your life and career are key to success. LinkedIn