21st Annual Trainee Research Symposium, June 3, 2016

  • The Annual Trainee Research Conference  provides the Center's trainee community with an opportunity to present their work as oral and poster presentations. This year's symposium takes place on the Fox Chase Cancer Center Campus.

    Download the Agenda and Presentations [PDF, 3.8MB] or see more below the break.


    Edward David Lustbader and the Postdoctoral Symposium

    Edward David Lustbader, MS, PhD
    Edward David Lustbader, MS, PhD

    Edward David Lustbader was a biostatistician at Fox Chase Cancer Center where he was a member of the Nobel Prize winning research program that identified the hepatitis B virus and its role in liver cancer.

    Dr. Lustbader joined the Fox Chase Cancer Center in 1972, where he later became a Member in the Division of Population Science. A researcher of international stature in biostatistics and genetic epidemiology, Dr. Lustbader’s work focused on the development and application of statistical methods used to understand the causes of cancer. He worked closely with Dr. Baruch Blumberg in identifying individuals at risk of developing the hepatitis B virus infection and, subsequently, primary liver cancer.

    Dr. Lustbader also made seminal contributions to the understanding of the relationship between diet and cancer. Working with geneticist Alfred G. Knudson Jr., MD, PhD, Dr. Lustbader developed and applied statistical methods to determine the genetic basis of cancer.

    The faculty, staff, and postdoctoral community at the Fox Chase Cancer Center gratefully acknowledge the Friends and Family of Dr. Lustbader for their continued support of the Annual Postdoctoral Research Symposium.