Jennifer Barsky Reese, PhD

Jennifer Reese, PhD

Associate Professor, Cancer Prevention and Control Program

Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Sciences, College of Public Health, Temple University

Breast Cancer TRDG Member


Research Program

Other Specialties

Survivorship, QOL, Sexual Function, Breast Cancer, Interventions

Education and Training

Educational Background

  • PhD, Clinical Psychology, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey,  New Brunswick, NJ
  • BA, Barnard College,  New York, NY


  • Licensed Psychologist, State of Pennsylvania


  • Society of Behavioral Medicine
  • Scientific Network on Female Sexual Health and Cancer
Research Profile

Research Program

Research Interests

Behavioral interventions improving sexual health and QOL for cancer survivors

  • Developing a range of empirically-based interventions to improve sexual health and intimacy for breast cancer survivors
  • Conducting qualitative research to inform the development of both patient- and provider-based interventions
  • Evaluating interventions through randomized controlled behavioral trials

Lab Overview

We are developing a range of behavioral interventions that address sexual concerns of breast cancer survivors, including those that are intensive and couple-based to those that improve providers’ skills and confidence in addressing these concerns in their patients. Our hope is that these interventions could be adapted to meet the needs of other populations within cancer and disseminated to reach cancer survivors who have these types of concerns. Currently we have research support from the American Cancer Society and NCI supporting our work.

Lab Staff

Whitney Pollard, BS

Research Study Assistant

Room: P4168

Folashade Adekunle, MA

Research Study Assistant II

Room: P4106

Kristen A. Sorice, BA

Project Manager

Room: P4113

Lauren A. Zimmaro, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Helene Conway

Administrative Assistant


Selected Publications

Barsky Reese, J., Porter, L.S., Regan, K.R., Keefe, F.J., Azad, N.S., Diaz, L.A. Jr., Herman, J.M., & Haythornthwaite, J.A. (2014). A randomized pilot trial of a telephone-based couples intervention for physical intimacy and sexual concerns in colorectal cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 23, 1005-13. PubMed

 Reese, J.B., Blackford, A., Sussman, J., Bainbridge, D., Okuyama, T., Akechi, T., & Snyder, C.F. (2015). Cancer Patients’ function, symptoms, and supportive care needs: A latent class analysis across cultures. Quality of Life Research, 24, 135-46. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Finan, P., Haythornthwaite, J.A., Kadan, M., Regan, K.R., Herman, J.M., Efron, J., Diaz, L.A. Jr., & Azad, N.S. (2014). Gastrointestinal ostomies and sexual outcomes: A comparison of colorectal cancer patients by ostomy status. Supportive Care in Cancer, 22, 461-468. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Porter, L.S., Somers, T.J., Keefe, F.J (2012). Pilot feasibility study of a telephone-based couples intervention for physical intimacy and sexual concerns in colorectal cancer. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 38, 402-417. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Shelby, R.A., & Taylor, K.L. (2012). Sexual quality of life of patients undergoing coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Psychology and Health, 27, 721-36. PubMed

Flynn, K.E., Reese, J.B., Jeffery, D.D., Lin, L., Shelby, R.A., Porter, L.S. Dombeck, C.B., & Weinfurt, K.P. (2012). Patient experiences with communication about sex during and following treatment for cancer. Psycho-Oncology, 21, 594-601. PubMed

Reese, J.B. Coping with sexual concerns after cancer. (2011). Current Opinion in Oncology, 23, 313-321. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Shelby, R.A., & Abernethy, A.P. (2011). Sexual concerns in lung cancer patients: An examination of predictors and moderating effects of age and gender. Supportive Care in Cancer, 19, 161-165. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Somers, T., Keefe, F.J., Mosley-Williams, A., & Lumley, M.A. (2010). Pain and functioning of rheumatoid arthritis patients based on marital status: Is a distressed marriage preferable to no marriage? Journal of Pain, 11, 958-964. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Keefe, F.J., & Abernethy, A.P. (2010). Coping with sexual concerns after cancer: The use of flexible coping. Supportive Care in Cancer, 18, 785-800. PubMed

Reese, J.B., Shelby, R., Keefe, F. J., Porter, L.S. & Abernethy, A.P. (2010). Sexual concerns in cancer patients: A comparison of GI and Breast Cancer Patients. Supportive Care in Cancer, 18, 1179-1189. PubMed

Reese, J. B. (2009). Results from an RCT testing a psychosocial treatment for vulvodynia: Methodological strengths and future directions. Pain, 141, 8-9. PubMed

Barsky, J., Friedman, M. & Rosen, R. (2006). Sexual dysfunction and chronic illness: The role of flexibility in coping. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, 32, 235-253. PubMed

Additional Publications


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