High School Research Program

The Fox Chase Cancer Center Immersion Science program offers high school students the chance to train in laboratory research and volunteer in clinical areas.The Fox Chase Cancer Center Immersion Science program offers high school students the chance to train in laboratory research and volunteer in clinical areas.

We have a long tradition of training high school students in laboratory research and offering volunteer opportunities in clinical areas, with formal programs running for more than 35 years.

Collectively, these research programs bring a new level of rigor and training to previous versions of our high school training program and serve as a foundation for the future pursuit of biomedical research careers for our students.

All of the Fox Chase high school training programs and volunteer opportunities are challenging, rigorous and competitive.

Explore the program options and find the one that is the best fit for you. Calls for applications for current programs will be listed under News and Events.

Immersion Science Program

Immersion ScienceIn March 2013, the Fox Chase high school program was relaunched with the introduction of the Immersion Science Program (ISP), a multi-phase comprehensive career training program for Philadelphia and Tri-State-area high school students.  All of the Immersion Science programs focus on the effect of dietary supplements and their effects on common cancer pathways.

The ISP began as an intensive training course and following the success of the inaugural student program has run an annual winter session in Fox Chase’s designated ISP Teaching Laboratory and prompted the ISP to reach even further and go outside the walls of Fox Chase Cancer Center to train hundreds of additional students. The ISP outreach programs are hosted at various sites in and around Philadelphia.  Immersion Science branches can be found in Philadelphia, BuxMont, & New Jersey high school classrooms (C-ISP), at Esperanza College (FlyLab), and on the campuses of Montgomery County Community College (Immersion Essentials). Each division of the ISP is designed to further promote the understanding of cancer research, expand the Immersion Science Community, and bring data gathered by ISP’ers to add our to our growing scientific publication list.

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The TRIP Initiative

The TRIP logo was designed by the high school student participantsIn 2015, in an effort to address the increasing interest of students within the Philadelphia area in STEM careers, Fox Chase's high school program branched again and expanded to include the TRIP Initiative (Teen Research Internship Program). Carrying Fox Chase's mission outside the walls of the Center, the TRIP Initiative is taught at Philadelphia-area schools, including Temple University and William Tennent High School, using core Immersion Science principles to incentivize student-designed research on cell and organismal behavior. 
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Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students

In addition to the laboratory research training programs, Fox Chase has a longstanding tradition of offering volunteer opportunities to high school students within the hospital. This program offers assignments in various departments to introduce students to the many careers available in health care. Some volunteer assignments allow for interactions of students interested in careers in nursing and medicine with patients and caregivers at the Center. Over the past two decades, hundreds of high schools students have participated in these programs, with some of the participants returning to Fox Chase as staff after completion of their formal training.
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