Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

A comprehensive cancer treatment plan doesn’t just focus on removing the cancer but also on restoring normal form and function. At Fox Chase Cancer Center, our skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeons work hand-in-hand with other members of the medical team to repair the imperfections that can result from treating cancers such as breast, head and neck, and sarcomas. Our faculty have dual appointments in the Department of Plastic Surgery at Temple Health.

  • Fox Chase plastic and reconstructive surgeons perform the full spectrum of reconstructive options, ranging from skin grafts to the most complex techniques using free tissue transfer. Reconstruction can often be performed immediately after tumor resection to improve functional and aesthetic results as quickly as possible. With successful reconstruction, many patients are able to put the diagnosis of cancer behind them and return to an active lifestyle.

  • Breast reconstruction is a particular specialty at Fox Chase. We offer a full range of reconstruction options that can help restore the look of a natural breast after surgery. This expertise includes microvascular and muscle-sparing procedures and advanced techniques using your own abdominal tissue.

    We also specialize in reconstructive surgery in patients with sarcoma (who require the use of their extremities) and head and neck cancer. Cosmetic principles are used in aesthetically sensitive areas, such as the face, to minimize scarring, while effectively treating the cancer.