Important Information and Policies

Updated 9/8/2020


Fox Chase Cancer Center is open and operating during normal business hours and offering telehealth appointments when appropriate for our patients. We are closely monitoring developments related to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and are committed to the safety and well-being of our patients during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Fox Chase is determined to keep COVID-19 out of our center. In an effort to safeguard our patients, staff, faculty, and volunteers, and minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19, the following measures have been put in place:​

  • We have developed the ability to quickly test for the virus that causes COVID-19 and are testing all patients prior to surgery or admission, as well as before other treatments when clinically appropriate. If you have already been tested for the virus that causes COVID-19 somewhere other than Fox Chase, please contact your care team to make them aware of this.
  • As our region and businesses begin to gradually reopen, our priority remains on keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible by limiting how many people are on campus at a time.

    Therefore, our current visitor policy remains in effect: visitors are not able to accompany or visit patients at all Fox Chase locations.

    Visitors may escort outpatients to our screening stations at all Fox Chase locations, and at our Main Campus location, one person per patient may wait in our Young Pavilion mezzanine area on the second floor (after being screened and given a mask).

    Exceptions to the visitor policy will be made for extreme cases, including end-of-life care and for patients with significant disabilities.

    We know that receiving treatment for cancer is a difficult time in our patient's lives, and we understand that loved ones play a crucial role in the healing process. Our staff is dedicated to providing support to our patients, and will be available at all entrances to provide assistance and support to each person. At screening stations, patients who need transport assistance will be taken by staff via wheelchair to and from their outpatient appointments.

    Patients are also encouraged to stay in close contact with their loved ones through phone calls and video chats during outpatient appointments and hospital stays. Our staff members will be happy to assist you with this.
  • All patients will be screened at all Fox Chase locations. This will include an assessment of recent travel and contact history as well as symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • All employees will be screened for fever before entering the Center and any of Fox Chase’s outpatient facilities.
  • All individuals entering all Fox Chase locations will be given a face mask to wear during their time in our facilities (regardless of the results of their screening). This includes all employees.
  • Parking is not currently being impacted at any Fox Chase location due to COVID-19 screenings. If you have an appointment on Main Campus at 333 Cottman Avenue, please remember to park in the East or West Garage.
  • Anyone who is showing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or has come in contact with a person who has a confirmed case of coronavirus should call Nurse Triage at 215-728-4300 before their next medical appointment.
  • While we continue to provide care to our patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, some patients may be asked to reschedule their appointments. If there are changes to your care, you will be contacted by your care team.
    • Your care team will reach out to discuss telehealth with you if it is a possibility for your appointment.
  • All in-person patient education events and classes hosted by Fox Chase have been postponed at this time. Please check for up-to-date information regarding upcoming events.

We know this outbreak can be concerning for patients and their loved ones. Fox Chase will continue to prioritize the safety of our patients, volunteers, and staff during this time.

If you have questions regarding your upcoming appointment or your care at Fox Chase, please contact your care team.

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Vistiting Hours/ Policies

General visiting hours are 9am to 9pm each day. However, to meet patient and visitor needs, these hours may be flexible with unit manager/supervisor approval.

  • There is a limit of three visitors per patient in each room at any time. This helps to keep a restful and quiet atmosphere.
  • Children 10 years or older may visit the medical/surgical units, but an adult must be with them at
all times. Only one child at a time may be in a patient room. No children are allowed in the ICU or in rooms of patients who are in isolation. Children under 10 are not allowed without special permission.
  • Visitors are not allowed if a patient or the patient’s caregiver states that they do not want visitors.
  • The medical needs of other patients, such as roommates, may cause our staff to limit visitors to a room to maintain rest and privacy.
  • Visitors are not allowed to use the patient bathrooms. Public bathrooms are located on each unit inside the hospital for visitors to wash their hands.
  • To prevent contact with infections the patient may have, all visitors must follow all precautions posted on signs or told to them by the nursing staff. The nursing staff can offer more information about these special precautions and restrictions, and about wearing proper clothing when in patient rooms.
  • Anyone who is sick or thinks they might be sick, should not visit the hospital.
• Visitors are welcome to use the visitor lounges, Julie’s Room and Connie’s Room, located on the 1st and 2nd floors behind the Nursing Station on 1 Central and 2 North.
  • Under certain circumstances, a visitor may stay in the hospital overnight. That visitor must be 18 years of age or older. Ask the nurse about rules for overnight visitor stays. If you are planning on staying overnight with your family member, please ask their nurse for the information sheet entitled, “Extended Visiting Privileges for Family Members of Patients Admitted to Fox Chase Cancer Center”.
  • Minors are not allowed to stay overnight even if an adult visitor is also there.
  • Visitors must wear appropriate clothing and shoes at all times.
  • One visitor or caregiver may ask to go with a patient to certain procedures. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Check with the department doing the test for details.

Hand Washing

Washing hands is a key part of infection prevention. You need to wash your hands after every use of the toilet, before eating, before and after you touch any tubes that you may have, and before you leave the hospital. Your visitors need to wash their hands before they come into your room and before they leave. Feel free to ask your nurse, nursing assistant or doctor if they washed their hands.

Alcohol-based hand gel is often used in place of hand washing. It can be found in dispensers in the hall or room entrance. Gel your hands before going into and leaving the room. If you cannot get to the sink or hand gel, we have hand wipes you can use.

Staying Safe and Preventing Falls

Always call for help by using your call light when you want to get out of bed or use the toilet. Inpatients are at high risk for falls, and our staff want to help you. Please call, don’t fall!


There are three types of rounding for patient care:

  1. Hand-off communication happens at the change of shift and occurs at the bedside. The nurse who is leaving will introduce you to the nurse starting a shift.
  2. Safety rounding happens about every hour. The staff check to see if you have any needs. You will be asked if you need to use the toilet, need pain medicine, or have other needs, like going for a walk or changing position.
  3. Interdisciplinary rounds are when different members of your care team come to your bedside to talk about your plan of care with you.

Quiet Hours

At Fox Chase, we believe that a quiet surrounding offers a healing environment. To cut down on noise and help you rest, we practice “quiet caring”. Quiet hours are from 1pm to 3pm and 9pm to 6am. We have “quiet kits” for you, which include headphones, sleep masks and ear plugs. If you or your family have any noise issues, please tell one of our staff right away so we can help. If you are watching TV, please use the headphones so your roommate is not disturbed.

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