Nurse Residents

Applications are accepted starting April 1, 2022
Application Deadline is May 31, 2022

The start date for this cohort will be September 12, 2022

Fox Chase Cancer Center offers new graduate nurses an extraordinary opportunity to launch their careers. The first hospital in Pennsylvania and the first cancer specialty hospital in the nation to receive the Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Award, Fox Chase passes on its tradition of excellence to recent grads through its Nurse Residency Transition Program. By pairing top graduates with the proven excellence of the Fox Chase nursing staff, new nurses are learning from the best in the field.

The challenging orientation program fosters the professional development of the new graduate, encouraging them to master each step gradually while building confidence. A multi-tier, competency-based curriculum eases their transition into the RN role before advancing to instruction on oncology nursing.

For the first six months of the program, each resident is assigned a preceptor to guide their clinical practice and provide resources for professional development. Each nurse residents attends an eight week formal education program which includes medical-surgical and oncology principles. For those residents in the Operating Room, they will have an additional formal education program with the OR nurse educator. In the final phase, the residents focus on patient-care management and leadership.

Interested student nurses should contact Deborah Baldassarre by email at Application instructions and important dates are available in our FAQ section.


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