Nurse Navigation

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Reach out to a Nurse Navigator if you have received a cancer diagnosis

Call 888-369-2427

Our Nurse Navigators are clinically trained specialists who support patients before their first appointment at Fox Chase. Nurse Navigators are uniquely qualified to connect patients to the appropriate cancer care team, expediting care when possible.

Nurse navigators will answer clinical questions about a patient’s diagnosis leading up to their first appointment, discuss treatment options, and coordinate medical administrative tasks to facilitate a smooth transition into treatment at Fox Chase.

In addition, Nurse Navigators will educate patients and families about support services offered at the Center to ease anxiety surrounding a diagnosis.

Your Nurse Navigator will:

  • Prepare you for your visit before you even arrive on campus
    After you call Fox Chase to schedule an appointment, a Nurse Navigator will connect with you within 24 hours. Based on the clinical information surrounding your diagnosis, she will make sure you are scheduled for the appropriate type of appointment. Nurse navigators will work within clinicians' schedules in order to secure you an appropriate, timely appointment. Often, they can help coordinate your schedule so you can take care of multiple appointments and tests in the same day. She will make sure you are aware of what you will need to bring or send ahead prior to visit, and answer any questions you may have about coming to Fox Chase. If you need slides, scans or records to be delivered from another institution, your Nurse Navigator will direct you on how to have your information sent to Fox Chase prior to your appointment and explain why this is so important in your clinical visit and decision making. 
  • Help you understand your diagnosis and answer your clinical questions — from the very first call
    All of our Nurse Navigators are experienced nurses with a high degree of clinical expertise. Because they are your first point of contact after you schedule your appointment, you can begin asking clinical questions you may be concerned about right away. Nurse Navigators are equipped with knowledge to help you better understand your diagnosis and treatment options, which can help reduce anxiety.
  • Educate you about your care, refer you to other services as needed, and expedite your care wherever possible
    In seeking treatment, patients may come across various barriers which make it difficult to navigate the healthcare system. There are a whole range of issues that can come up, which may be related to transportation, finances, insurance, language, communication, fear, anxiety, or family support. You may need additional services outside of your medical treatment to help you cope with these issues. Your Nurse Navigator is aware of the resources available to you, and can refer you to the services you may need many of which are available in-house, right at Fox Chase, or in the nearby community. Often, based on a patient's needs, the Nurse Navigator can begin to coordinate the necessary resources before the patient even arrives at the Center.