What you need to know about your Infusion Services treatment

You may get your chemotherapy as an outpatient in the Infusion Room of our Outpatient Department, during a Hospital stay or at home.

The decision about where you receive your chemotherapy depends on which drug or drugs you are getting.

Infusion Therapy

Infusion  services 
for established Fox Chase patients requiring 
blood product transfusions, 
and non-chemotherapy transfusions.

The Infusion Room at Fox Chase provides infusion services for our patients requiring chemotherapy, non-chemotherapy infusions, hydration, and blood product transfusions. The number of treatments and the length of the infusion process depends on services the patient requires. For all infusion treatments, we recommend

  • Wearing comfortable clothing with layers, to adjust to temperature changes as needed
  • Bringing something to occupy your time. Our Infusion Room offers free Wi-Fi to accommodate tablets or mobile devices.
  • Take all regular medications on the day of your treatment, unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, and bring medications to your treatment appointment.
  • We have coffee, tea, juice, ginger ale and crackers to eat. You may bring your own food from home, or you can purchase food from our Terrace Café and in our cafeteria.

Your doctor will discuss your infusion therapy treatment in greater detail.

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