Frequently Asked Questions

Applications are accepted starting April 1, 2021
Application Deadline is May 14, 2021

The start date for this residency will be September 7, 2021

Who is eligible for the program?

This is a paid residency for graduates of an approved BSN program with less than one year of working experience and with a strong desire to work with oncology patients, outstanding references and an excellent academic profile will be considered for this exceptional program.

When do you apply?

Applications will be accepted April 1 – May 14, 2021 (applications must be sent in full prior to the deadline for consideration of this program) – Interviews will take place in June/July 2021 and the start date for the program will be September 7, 2021.

How do you apply?

Apply online for the Registered Nurse Residency position here.

How long is the Nurse Resident Program?

The program is a year in length with 6 months counting as non-productive time (Although you are paid as a resident, you do not count on floor staffing numbers, allowing sufficient time for your preceptor-supervised orientation.) A two year Staff RN employment commitment will be requested after successful completion of the nurse residency program.

What about “boards”?
You may apply prior to boards but you will be required to provide proof of your passed NCLEX prior to your start date.

What specialty areas are available?
RN Resident positions are available in varying inpatient oncology units which include Medical and Surgical Oncology as well as the Surgical Step Down Unit and the Operating Room. More information on available units will be available closer to our application time.

All RN Residents in the Registered Nurse Residency Program may participate in observation days in specialty areas (Interventional Radiology, Radiation Therapy, Infusion Room, Post-Anesthesia Care, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Room, Endoscopy).

When will I be eligible for benefits?
RN Residents have the opportunity to enroll in health and pension benefits effective immediately. Time off will be accrued immediately, but cannot be used in the first 90 days of the program and is subject to approval from their Clinical Nurse Manager and Program Coordinator (jointly) so they may design work schedules around the needs of the department and scholastic component of this program.

What educational opportunities are available?
Nurse Residents have the opportunity to attend our nationally recognized continuing education program.

Who is the contact person if I have questions about applying for the program?

Deborah Baldassarre
Nurse Residency Program Coordinator

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