Nurse Residents

Applications will be accepted later in 2017

Fox Chase Cancer Center offers new graduate nurses an extraordinary opportunity to launch their careers. The first hospital in Pennsylvania and the first cancer specialty hospital in the nation to receive the Magnet Nursing Services Recognition Award, Fox Chase passes on its tradition of excellence to recent grads through its Nurse Residency Transition Program. By pairing top graduates with the proven excellence of the Fox Chase nursing staff, new nurses are learning from the best in the field.

"In the past, when the nursing shortage was not an issue, hospitals had the luxury of hiring experienced specialty nurses," said Deena Dell, MSN, RN-BC, AOCN, LNC. "These new nurses are an excellent source of nurse power to combat the shortage and they provide the promise of quality nursing we expect from the next generation of caregivers."

The challenging orientation program fosters the professional development of the new graduate, encouraging them to master each step gradually while building confidence. A multi-tier, competency-based curriculum eases their transition into the RN role before advancing to instruction on oncology nursing.

In the initial weeks of the program, each graduate is assigned to one nurse who will serve as a mentor and provide guidance. They begin with a review of basic medical-surgical nursing principles, followed by oncology-intensive courses and clinical experience. In the final phase, the nurses focus on patient-care management and leadership.

"This is an outstanding opportunity for top graduate RNs interested in the oncology field," said Dell. "Through this program, we're able to train these nurses at a high level with one-on-one interaction. We've set high standards for them."

Interested student nurses should contact John Lavery at or 215-214-1790. Application instructions and important dates are available in our FAQ section