Nursing Areas

Fox Chase Cancer Center offers nurses a variety of opportunities in the oncology field. The links on the right provide some detail as to the specific units and positions offered:

Intensive Care

The ICU presents a challenging yet rewarding environment where nurses can enjoy focusing on the special needs of critical care patients. Nursing assignments also reflect an emphasis on the high acuity and psychosocial needs of the patients recovering from major surgery and medical patients with acute oncologic complications. Opportunities also exist in this ten-bed unit to participate in National Cancer Institute and Fox Chase Cancer Center research protocols.

Perioperative Services

Perioperative Services are comprised of the Operating Room (OR), Same Day Surgery Unit (SDSU), Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), and the EMB Unit (endoscopy, minor procedure, bronchoscopy).

Preoperative assessment and care plans are performed using an instrument designed and developed by the perioperative staff. Post operative calls are made to all SDSU patients.).

The surgical battle against cancer has advanced using modern technology and new treatment modalities. Approaches include lasers, ultrasonic aspiration of tumor tissues, microvascular reconstruction, cryosurgery, and sentinel node biopsy for melanoma and breast cancers.

The PACU is a bright and modern facility with computer supported monitors.).

The EMB (Endoscopy, Minor Procedure, Bronchoscopy) Suite is staffed by ACLS certified nurses, surgical technologists and respiratory therapists who collaborate in a shared governance environment to provide care during and after endoscopies, bronchoscopies and minor surgical procedures. Pre and post procedure telephone assessments are used to evaluate the patient and the quality of care.

Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care nursing at Fox Chase incorporates medical, surgical and radiation oncologists with collaborative practice nurses to determine and provide the best treatment program for each patient. Here nurses are an integral and professional member of the treatment team. The facility incorporates central registration for all outpatients, radiology and laboratory testing, pharmacy and respiratory services and examination and consultation rooms for surgical, medical and radiation therapy outpatient office visits.

The infusion room is the location where all outpatients receive treatment. Nurses working in this area administer chemotherapy, immunotherapy and transfusion support. Additionally, Ambulatory Care nursing staffs an apheresis unit in which peripheral blood stem cells are removed through apheresis for patients enrolled in dose intense clinical trials and are reinfused on the Phase I unit.

Several multidisciplinary programs are operated within the department including a Breast Evaluation Center, Head and Neck Cancer Center, Pain and Palliative Care Program, Nutrition Clinic, and Liver Cancer Prevention Center.

Clinical Studies

This ten-bed unit is specifically designed to conduct clinical research in three phases. Phase I studies evaluate the maximal tolerated dose as well as side effects of the drug. Phase II and III studies evaluate the effectiveness of the drug in specific diseases. These studies require intense nursing assessment along with specific detailed education and emotional support for patients and family.

Nursing Care includes:

  • Administration of experimental drugs as well as standard treatment regimens
  • Strong use of assessment skills Performance of multiple technological procedures
  • Management of acute toxicities High level of involvement in research studies
  • Close interaction with medical staff as well as other members of the health care team
  • Continuous learning through institutional programs as well as through patient care

Applicant Requirements:

  • RNs with at least two years medical or surgical experience
  • Oncology experience preferred IV experience
  • Knowledge of venous access devices preferred
  • Strong interest in clinical research
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work as a team member Excellent communication skills


Medical and Surgical

Medical and surgical nursing at Fox Chase offers the opportunity to provide high quality nursing care in an atmosphere of warmth and compassion. Patient-centered care is practiced, allowing the patient the benefit of a caregiver who has in-depth knowledge of his/her patients, and the benefits of a team approach in providing individualized care and services. Through the use of patient-centered care, a patient is assured consistency, continuity and the ability to participate in all aspects of his/her care.

The nursing staff stresses patient/family education, to allow for full understanding of all procedures and treatments taking place during the hospital stay, as well as post discharge.

Nurses at Fox Chase are able to use all their skills and ability as they participate in the administration of intensive chemotherapy protocols, maximize patient support via the latest nutritional and pain management techniques, and provide emotional and psychosocial support to their patients and families during all stages of disease and its treatment. Three units are completely dedicated to both medical and surgical nursing. Units range from 8-16 beds and are conducive to the supportive environment for nurses and patients.

Nurses are kept up-to-date in their profession by receiving ongoing instruction in new techniques and therapies that are evidence-based, and through flexible scheduling which promotes professional and educational growth.