Translational Research Awards

The goal of the request for application (RFA) focused on translational research is to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration as well as application of the latest genomic capabilities available including those internal to Fox Chase.

2016 Award Recipients: RFA for assay development

Phillip Abbosh
Project: Use of urinary cell-free DNA to monitor somatic mutation clearance as a measure tumor response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Xiaowei Chen
Project: Detection of ESR1-CCDC170 fusion transcripts in breast tumores in situ

Daniel Geynisman
Project: Assay development to explore ERCC3 as a biomarker of disease free survival (DFS) and overall survival (OS) in renal cell carcinoma

Nasheed Hossain, Jianming Pei
Project: Utilizing NanoString Technology for the evaluation of Minimal Residual Disease in AML patients following Induction Chemotherapy

Jianming Pei, Tahseen Al-Saleem
Project: Leukemia Fusion Gene Expression Assay, a LDT for Clinical Leukemia Testing

Jianming Pei, Joseph Testa
Project: Identifying Biomarkers to Assess Asbestos Exposure Risk Using Plasma Samples

Jianming Pei, Wang, Tahseen Al-Saleem
Project: Identifying Biomarkers to Profile Minimal Residual Disease Signature in Multiple Myeloma Using Plasma Cell Enrichment and NanoString Immune Profiling Panel

Sanjay Reddy
Project: Development of chemosensitivity biomarker for potentially resectable pancreatic cancer

Project: Validation of a multi-parametric flow cytometry (MFC) model for evaluation of minimal residual disease (MRD) in Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients

Tim Yen
Project: Assay development to rapidly establish genotype-phenotype correlations for gene variants associated with mitotic dysfunction, in hereditary cancers

2015 Award Recipients:  RFA for rare tumor subtypes & exceptional responders

Paul Cairns, Neil Johnson, Suraj Peri, Michael J. Slifker, Essel Dulaimi Al-Saleem
Project: Delineation of a Novel Molecular Subtype of High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer with Early Age of Onset by Multiple Genomic Views.

Joseph Testa, Mitchell Cheung, Jill Ohar
Project: NanoString Expression Profiling of Primary Pleural Malignant Mesothelioma of the Epithelioid Subtype to Discover and Expression Signature of Exceptional Responders

Namrata Vijayvergia, Igor Astsaturov, Suraj Peri, Paul Engstrom, Karen Gustafson, Karthik Devarajan 
Project: Transcript profiling of neuroendocrine carcinoma to identify new targets and mechanism of progression

Jonathan Chernoff, James Duncan, Eric Ross
Project: Probing the kinome of K-Ras variants to uncover unique therapeutic vulnerabilities

Alfonso Bellacosa, Erica Golemis, Michael Hall, Maurizio Ponz de Leon
Project: Hereditary colorectal cancer gene discovery via exome sequencing of high-risk families

Lori Rink, Margaret von Mehren, James Duncan
Project: Identification of kinome signatures in genetically defined subgroups of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor

Marijo Bilusic, Elizabeth Plimack, Jianming Pei, Michael J. Slifker
Project: Molecular Profiling of Outlier Responses at FCCC

2014 Award Recipients

Jeffrey Peterson
Project:  Targeting glutathione biosynthesis in triple-negative breast cancer

Denise Connolly, Alana O'Reilly
Project:  CDON: A novel marker of cancer stem cells in carcinomas of the pancreas and ovary

Vladimir Kolenko, Igor Astsaturov, Robert Uzzo
Project:  LDL cholesterol and TKI resistance in renal cancer

Camille Ragin, Erica Golemis, Ranee Mehra, Jeffrey Liu
Project:  Variation in genes regulating DNA repair and tobacco metabolism as factors regulating prognosis in head and neck cancer, for African-American and European-American populations,"

M. Raza Zaidi, Anthony Olszanski, Jeffrey Farma
Project:  Novel biomarkers of melanoma prognosis and response to anti-CTLA4 therapy

James Duncan, Angela Jain
Project: Development of kinome activation signature to predict platinum resistance in high Grade serous ovarian carcinoma

Alfonso Bellacosa, Tim Yen, Igor Astsaturov, Andy Andrews
Project:  5-carboxylcytosine as a clinical biomarker of cancer cell response to temozolomide and TDG inhibitors

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