Translational Research Disease Groups

Precision Medicine: Liquid Biopsy

In an effort to formalize the disease-based translational efforts and enhance collaboration, translational research disease groups (TRDGs) were created with a multidisciplinary group of clinical and research-based faculty.   The focus of the TRDGs is on coordinating an ongoing assessment of translational research opportunities – particularly through investigator-initiated trials, interdisciplinary collaboration, research support, and trainee involvement.

The membership of each TRDG includes faculty with disease-specific experience from hematology/oncology, surgery, radiation oncology, pathology, medicine, basic & translational research programs, radiology, genetics, population science, and biostatistics.

Each TRDG meets every 1-2 months to conduct an ongoing assessment of translational research and investigator-initiated clinical trials, to promote interdisciplinary collaboration, to promote funding opportunities, to conduct focused discussions of translational research progress, to optimize the Center’s support of translational research, and to enhance the educational mission by involving post-doctoral and clinical trainees. TRDGs in part support early translational clinical protocol concept development.  Currently, there are 13 translational research disease groups at Fox Chase.


Funding Opportunities

Support for our research initiatives allows Fox Chase to have a continued stake in the future of translational research, and the Center encourages our researchers and clinician to apply for grant funding to advance the mission to prevail over cancer. Below is a list of current research funding opportunities:

NCI Clinical and Translation Exploratory/Development Studies (R21)

NCI SPORE Program opportunities

NCI U01 Program opportunities

NCI P01 Program opportunities