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PDX/Organoid Program

Fox Chase Cancer Center PDX Models

Investigator Roster for Fox Chase Cancer Center PDX/Organoid Models Program

Igor Astsaturov, MD, PhD
PDX models/expertise: pancreatic cancer
email: Igor.Astsaturov@fccc.edu

Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD
models/expertise: CRC
email: Jonathan.Chernoff@fccc.edu

Denise Connolly, PhD
PDX models/expertise: ovarian cancer
email: Denise.Connolly@fccc.edu

Harry Cooper, MD
models/expertise: pathology
email: Harry.Cooper@fccc.edu

James Duncan, PhD
models/expertise; kinome profiling
email: James.S.Duncan@fccc.edu

Niklas Finnberg, PhD
models/expertise: organoids
email: Niklas.Finnberg@fccc.edu

Neil Johnson, PhD
PDX models/expertise: breast cancer
email: Neil.Johnson@fccc.edu

Lori Rink, PhD
PDX models/expertise: sarcoma/GIST
email: Lori.Rink@fccc.edu

Eric Ross, PhD
models/expertise; biostatistics
email: Eric.Ross@fccc.edu

Margaret von Mehren, MD
PDX models/expertise: sarcoma/GIST
email: Margaret.vonMehren@fccc.edu

Other FCCC Participants
  • Elizabeth Handorf
  • Suraj Peri
  • Olga Tchuvatkina
Industry Collaborators for PDX/Organoid Efforts
  • Caris
  • Myriad
  • Morphotek
  • Tempus

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