Leukemia and MDS Translational Research Disease Group

Understanding the genetic alterations that lead to brain cancer is essential to fighting the disease. At Fox Chase, a multidisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians meets regularly to review translational research initiatives to identify and characterize new biomarkers of Leukemia and MDS that lead to new, innovative prevention and targeted therapy options for our patients.

Additional Members
  • Karen Gustafson
  • Nasheed Hossian

Funding Opportunities

Support for our research initiatives allows Fox Chase to have a continued stake in the future of translational research, and the Center encourages our researchers and clinician to apply for grant funding to advance the mission to prevail over cancer. Below is a list of current research funding opportunities:

NCI Clinical and Translation Exploratory/Development Studies (R21)

NCI SPORE Program opportunities

NCI U01 Program opportunities

NCI P01 Program opportunities


As a nonprofit institution, support from our donors allows Fox Chase to remain one of the top cancer research and treatment centers in the county. Through donations, planned gifts, and membership to our giving societies, our supporters ensure Fox Chase remains at the forefront of leukemia and MDS research and novel treatment options that save lives.

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