Caris Center of Excellence in Precision Medicine

Fox Chase Cancer Center is a designated center of excellence (COE) site in the Caris Centers of Excellence for Precision Medicine Network™. Caris Life Sciences®, a leading biotechnology company, is focused on fulfilling the promise of precision medicine. As a COE, Fox Chase plays a critical role in the precision medicine “conversation” that is ongoing.

  • Working to establish national guidelines that incorporate genomic testing through the development of standards of care and best practices for integrating and utilizing molecular profiling in oncology practice while also striving to increase widespread adoption and patient access to precision medicine in clinical settings.
  • Mining national databases of genomics with clinical outcomes by leveraging Caris’ tumor profiling service to further the Institute’s practice of precision medicine by identifying therapy options and clinical trial opportunities based on the unique characteristics of a patient’s tumor.
  • Developing clinical trials that incorporate trials that incorporate genomic testing.

Fox Chase is part of several national Caris COE Disease committees.

  • Lung Cancer
  • GI cancer
  • GU cancer
  • Phase I
  • Sarcoma
  • Breast cancer/familial genetics