Molecular Modeling Facility

Director Roland L. Dunbrack, Jr, PhD
Manager Mark D. Andrake, PhD
[email protected]
& Phone:
Reimann R461
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The overall purpose of the Molecular Modeling Facility (MMF) is to enable the design and interpretation of experiments in all areas of cancer biology in the laboratories of Cancer Center members through the analysis of experimental and predicted three-dimensional structures of proteins and protein complexes. The Molecular Modeling Facility assists investigators in predicting the effects of missense mutations and provides structural information on proteins that may be good targets for the development of therapeutics. The Facility uses state-of-the-art structure prediction tools, including the recently developed AlphaFold2 from DeepMind. The Facility provides assistance with graphical images of experimental and predicted protein structures as well as text for grants and publications correlating structural information with biological outcomes.


This facility derives partial funding from the FCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.