Assay Development

The facility assists investigators in the development of robust assays for both basic science applications and prior to initiating screening. Typically, this involves consultation between the investigator and the facility manager to discuss screening goals, and will lead to modification of screens developed in low throughput to be optimized for efficient high throughput application. This process often involves coordination between the HTSF and staff in the Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility (BBF, to ensure statistically rigorous analysis and consistent assay outputs.


Although some instrumentation in the facility requires assisted use, other equipment (Perkin Elmer Envision, Wellmate, BioPlex 100/200, Guava Easycyte) can be used unassisted following training. Training is arranged by request, please contact Margret Einarson at [email protected].

Clinical Correlates

The facility develops and executes studies to establish clinical correlates that inform clinical investigations. Some examples of such studies include the use of the BioRad Bioplex 100/200 (Luminex platform) in multiplex assays to detect cytokines in serum, plasma and analytes in tumor and cell lysates. For more information, please contact Margret Einarson at [email protected].


The facility supports siRNA and small molecule screening by providing reagents, assay development support, training on instrumentation, and support during screen execution. Please contact Margret Einarson ([email protected]) as you begin your assay development.

  • Libraries available for screening

Small molecule libraries

  1. Targeted Compound Libraries
    • Clinical compound collection: Custom 74 compound library curated by laboratory and clinically-based TUHS & FCCC faculty. This collection represents anti-cancer compounds currently in the clinic targeting cancers of diverse etiology. This library is available across 5 concentrations.
    • Kinase-targeting (Enamine): A selection of 75 compounds including both drugs and tool compounds. Compounds target the kinome and is available in 5 screening concentrations.
    • Known Bioactives (Enzo Screenwell collection): A collection of over 400 biologically active compounds. It includes the following classes of compounds: GPCR ligands, second messenger modulators, nuclear receptor ligands, cytoskeleton modulators, kinase inhibitors, protease inhibitors, ion channel blockers, gene regulation agents, lipid biosynthesis inhibitors, DNA damaging agents, cell cycle inhibitors among others. This library is commonly used for assay development or pilot screening.
  2. Discovery Compound Library
    • ChemDiv Diverse Set: 50,000 compound library of diverse unknown drug-like small molecules.
  3. Gene-Perturbations Libraries:
    • RNA interference (RNAi) library: Horizon Dharmacon whole human genome siRNA library comprising siRNA SMARTopools, targeting approximately 22,000 genes. Upon discussion with the facility manager, it is possible to arrange for screening of targeted subsets of this library (e.g. kinases; chromatin modulators).