Policies & Procedures

Standard Hours of Operations

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • Accessible by all Cancer Center Members
  • New customers should please contact Dr. Cai or Histopathology Facility Staff to explain sample preparation and delivery procedures. For spatial immuno-proteomics analysis details contact Dr. Franco-Barraza.
  • Histopathology staff will embed formalin fixed tissues in paraffin, perform sectioning, H&E staining, and immunohistochemistry procedures, and Drs Cai and Klein-Szanto will interpret the results and provide a pathology report.
  • Spatial immuno-proteomics staff will design multi-target detection panels, stain FFPE or frozen tissue specimens for sequential multiplexed immunofluorescence and image the specimens. Dr. Franco-Barraza will analyze the obtained digital images and associated metadata using AI-driven digital pathology pipelines (e.g., cell phenotyping, association of markers of interest with assorted cell populations, spatial cell distribution within tumor-microenvironment, etc.).