Available Software and Hardware

  • Standard statistical packages, such as SAS, Stata and R
  • Sample size and power computation applications, including PASS, Solo Power Analysis and custom-written applications
  • Tools for methodological research, such as Matlab, Python, Perl, Fortran and C.
  • Bioinformatics tools, including Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA), R/Bioconductor, Python/Anaconda, GSEA, Cytoscape, and a large number of public domain tools for analyzing transcriptomic, genomic, and proteomics data.
  • A high-performance computing (HPC) cluster with >1000 compute cores, 8 high-end NVIDIA L40S-based GPU nodes, and 1.5 PB high-speed parallel storage. The HPC is equipped with applications and analytical pipelines for all stages of NGS data analysis (QC, alignment, variant calling, differential expression, peak calling, annotation, visualization, etc.).