Biological Imaging Facilities


Bojana Gligorijevic, PhD
Neil Johnson, PhD


Andrey Efimov, PhD
[email protected]

Yirong Yang, PhD
[email protected]
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& Phone

Reimann (R469-R379, R464)
Laboratory Animal Facility (A403-A405)

Pricing & Scheduling

Contact Andrey Efimov for pricing and scheduling.


The Biological Imaging Facility (BIF) provides Cancer Center members with direct access to state-of-the-art imaging equipment and technologies. The BIF goal is to provide the ability to obtain the highest quality images that span from subcellular and cellular levels (confocal and other high resolution and specialized imaging systems), as well as tissues and organs in animals (multiphoton fluorescent imaging, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in vivo imaging systems (IVIS), ultrasound imaging system). Cancer Center members utilize these technologies to conduct real-time studies in live cells and animals.

This facility derives partial funding from the FCCC Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) from the National Cancer Institute.