Policies & Procedures

Standard Hours of Operations

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


  • CCF services are available to all cancer center (CC) members and non-members at FCCC and the Temple University Broad Street campuses.  
  • Media and reagents are prepared daily to meet demand and accessible in a cold room and freezers.  
  • Routine technical jobs are prioritized as first-come, first-served, with a maximum two-week wait, and complex services are fulfilled based on personnel availability. Historically and currently, volume is always steady, with declines in projects replaced by new project requests. Priority decisions are made after discussion with investigator(s) and staff. CC members with peer-reviewed funding get highest priority. Requests for CCF services from non-CC members are lower priority and billed at slightly higher cost.  
  • The facility is secured at night and weekends through a door that allows 24-hour access through secure cardkey entry.
  • In addition, an automated facility billing system is utilized. The automated billing system provides users a detailed accounting of their monthly use.

Online Resources

  • Online cell banking database that is searchable (https://studies.fccc.edu/ccf/) to identify specific cell lines owned by the CCF or banked in the CCF by FCCC investigators. Once identified in the database, the owner of the cell line can be contacted to ask permission to obtain the cell line.  It is every investigator's responsibility to confirm that sharing any material outside of their laboratory is not restricted by a material transfer or other agreement with an outside organization.
  • Online xCELLigence scheduler (https://lab-schedulers.fccc.edu/ccf/)
  • Online cell banking deposition and retrieval ordering webpages


Life Technologies has an excellent site full of cell culture protocols and guidelines, including information on antibiotics and cell surface area measurements