Clinical Research Contracting

Fox Chase Cancer Center has hundreds of clinical trials underway, which give patients access to the latest therapies and cutting-edge research. The clinical research contracting team at Fox Chase provides resources, expertise and analysis to assist in the execution of clinical trial agreements and budgets related to clinical trials.

Pursuant to the mission of Fox Chase to prevail over cancer, the clinical research contracting team is dedicated to forging successful collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies while supporting the management and administration of clinical research at Fox Chase. We seek to consistently improve communication, promote compliance, and serve as a bridge between investigators and the clinical research infrastructure within Temple Health.

Approximately one-third of our studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, one-third are Fox Chase investigator-initiated, and one-third are sponsored by the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). Major primary sites include gastrointestinal, lung, breast and gynecologic cancers.

All clinical services, research services and personnel time related to a clinical study are subject to overhead. The clinical research contracting team negotiates clinical trial agreements for both industry-sponsored and investigator-initiated studies. Our group ensures consistency with both institutional and regulatory guidelines while serving the research needs of our investigators and industry.

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