Women in Science

Sanjee AroraSanjeevani Arora, PhD

One aspect of Arora’s research focuses on ways to determine the effectiveness of treatments for colorectal cancer, with the ultimate goal of allowing for more individualized treatment and preventing some patients from being treated unnecessarily.  She also founded a professional development and networking group for women in science at Fox Chase in 2013.

Jenny GluskerJenny Glusker, DSc

Since coming to Fox Chase Cancer Center in 1956, Jenny Pickworth Glusker has had a long and storied career in the field of x-ray crystallography, which is used to determine the structure of molecules. She helped pioneer the application of the technology to biological molecules such as DNA in order to shed light on disease, which is now a common practice in cancer research.

Bea MintzBeatrice Mintz, PhD

BIG QUESTIONS. That’s what Beatrice Mintz, PhD, the Jack Schultz Chair of Basic Science at Fox Chase Cancer Center, has dedicated her career to answering. Small questions, in her opinion, are not worth the time or effort.

Lori Rink, PhD

Grateful for such impressive mentors throughout her training and still today, Rink is motivated to give back to the younger generation of scientists currently training at Fox Chase. “Not only do I want to teach these trainees how to perform rigorous and impactful scientific research, but I also hope to teach them that this can be done while maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance,” Rink said.

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