William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cancer Research

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Established in 1998 by The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust to honor founder, the late William Wikoff Smith, and support an outstanding leader in the field of cancer research.

Erica Golemis, PhD
Erica Golemis, PhD

Deputy Chief Science Officer
Co-Leader, Molecular Therapeutics

In disease states such as cancer, tumors reprogram their signaling to support abnormal growth processes. Dr. Erica Golemis and her laboratory are interested in defining the changes in cell signaling that occur as tumors initiate, progress, and develop resistance to drugs, with the ultimate goal of inhibiting these processes.

Dr. Golemis hopes through these studies to better define the interactions of signaling pathways in malignant versus normal cells, allowing improvements in cancer diagnosis and treatment. In specific projects, this work divides between a body of translational studies focused on the optimal use of therapeutic drugs, and more basic investigations into fundamental cell signaling mechanisms.