Timothy R. Talbot Jr. Chair in Cancer Research

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This chair honors Timothy R. Talbot Jr., MD, the visionary scientific director of the Institute for Cancer Research and the first president of Fox Chase Cancer Center.  This chair was established by Dr. Talbot’s friends and colleagues to recognize and support an outstanding leader in the field of cancer research who represents the highest standards of excellence.

Mary B. Daly, MD, PhD, FACP 
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Chair, Department of Clinical Genetics
Dr. Daly’s focus is in women’s health, and she is the Founding Director of the Margaret Dyson Family Risk Assessment Program, evaluating preventive approaches to breast and ovarian cancer. Her primary areas of research include the epidemiologic and genetic aspects of breast and ovarian cancer, and the translation of this information into effective cancer control approaches. Dr. Daly has initiated studies of ovarian cancer screening modalities, quality of life after prophylactic surgery, serum biomarkers of breast cancer risk.

As Principal Investigator of the Cooperative Family Registry for Breast Cancer Studies, she is collaborating with institutions worldwide to study the patterns of familial breast and ovarian cancer, gene-environment interactions, and the development of novel, genetic-based therapeutic and preventive strategies.