Jack Schultz Chair in Basic Science

Established in 2002 by the Board of Associates at Fox Chase Cancer Center to honor geneticist Jack Schultz, PhD, and support an outstanding leader in the field of basic science..

Johnathan R. Whetstine, PhD
Johnathan Whetstine, PhD

Program Leader, Cancer Epigenetics Program

A rising star in the epigenetics arena with a significant record of achievement, Dr. Whetstine recently joined us from Massachusetts General Hospital and comes to Fox Chase as the head of its Cancer Epigenetics Program. His work has expanded the field with seminal discoveries that have major implications for understanding tumor heterogeneity and drug response. His dynamic nature and innate ability as a leader further propel his success. Among many professional leadership activities, Dr. Whetstine has led and organized several international meetings related to epigenetics and human disease.  He has received many invitations to speak at major conferences and institutions, has or is serving on top-tier journal editorial boards, and serves as a reviewer for elite peer-reviewed journals and research funding organizations.   

Dr. Whetstine’s focus is to bridge basic discovery to the clinic.  Therefore, the Cancer Epigenetics program is harnessing the basic, translational, and clinical research components at Fox Chase in order to generate discoveries that help improve our knowledge about factors impacting diagnosis, prognosis, and therapeutic resistance across malignancies.