Jack Schultz Chair in Basic Science

Established in 2002 by the Board of Associates at Fox Chase Cancer Center, this chair honors pioneering geneticist Jack Schultz, PhD, and his contributions to basic science, cancer research, and the life and character of Fox Chase.  This chair was established to recognize and support an outstanding leader in the field of basic science who represents the highest standards of excellence.

Johnathan R. Whetstine, PhDJohnathan Whetstine, PhD

Program Leader, Cancer Epigenetics Program

A rising star in the epigenetics arena with a significant record of achievement, Dr. Whetstine's work has expanded the field with seminal discoveries that have major implications for understanding tumor heterogeneity and drug response.

Since its establishment, the chair had been filled by Beatrice Mintz, PhD, one of Fox Chase’s most consequential scientists since 1960. Dr. Mintz’s influence on the entire landscape of cancer research continues to reverberate, with scientific insights prompting new directions in developmental cancer biology and genetics.

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