Research and Development Alliances

The office of research and development alliances (R&D alliances) at Fox Chase Cancer Center serves as the liaison between Fox Chase’s research community and the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, medical device, diagnostic and venture capital communities, continuing a long-standing policy and tradition at Fox Chase to develop and nurture these collaborations to disseminate intellectual capital for the public benefit.

The professionals at Fox Chase promote collaborative pre-clinical and clinical research relationships between corporate sponsors and Fox Chase’s academic investigators, and collect and process invention disclosures while working with the inventors to file patent applications when appropriate.

The staff also facilitates the transfer of patentable and non-patentable intellectual property, and the transfer of know-how and trade secret technologies to industry through exclusive and non-exclusive licenses, as well as guides the formation of option agreements and start-up companies.

Additionally, the office works to develop high-level strategic partnerships with industry when appropriate, and assist health care partners through Fox Chase International, as they pursue opportunities in areas, such as training health care professionals, health care growth initiatives and patient care.