Cell Culture Facility

Director:  Kerry S. Campbell, PhD
Manager: Tim Kwok, PhD
[email protected]
& Phone:
Reimann R288
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The Cell Culture Facility provides reagents, equipment, technical expertise, consultation and training to support mammalian cell culture efforts at Fox Chase. Services include:

  • Basic cell culture support
  • Cell propagation
  • Establishment of 3D organoid cultures from primary tissues and tumors
  • Generation of culture supernatants
  • Hybridoma production to generate monoclonal antibodies
  • Development of gene-manipulated mouse embryonic stem cells
  • Establishment of primary cultures from human and animal tissue samples
  • Cell transformation, cell banking and screening for detection of mycoplasma contamination in cultured cells
  • Cell validation support
  • Preparation of sterile growth media and reagents
  • Consulting to assist in experimental design
  • Use of sterile workstations for investigators without their own facilities