Updates in Urologic Oncology 2018

Fall 2018

Robert Uzzo Receives SUO Medal for Contributions to Urologic Oncology

Cryosurgery’s Clinical Benefit:
Delays Needed for Hormone Therapy for Most Men with Locally Recurrent Prostate Cancer

How to Find the 30 Percent:
Tackling Diagnostic Challenges Following Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Treatment

Spring 2018 AUA & SUO Presentations

Surgical Consultations Now Available in Fox Chase’s East Norriton Offices

Meet Tina Larason: Clinic Coordinator of Fox Chase’s Urologic Oncology Practice


Summer 2018

Evaluation and Treatment for Adrenal Mass at Fox Chase


Winter 2018

Urologic Oncology Winter Presentations

Clinical Trials for Kidney Cancer & Sporadic Renal AMLs

Fox Chase Urologic Oncologists Serve as Leaders for PURC Collaborative

The Latest in Imaging and Prostate Biopsy Technology is at Fox Chase

Checking in with Ben Ristau, Former Fellow in Urologic Oncology

Fox Chase Proud: Lisa Erickson, Senior Medical Secretary


Fall 2017

Fox Chase Urologic Oncology Contributions and Accomplishments

Alexander Kutikov Appointed Chief of the Division of Urologic Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center

Fellow Establishes Urologic Oncology Program in Israel

Fox Chase Uses Innovative Transperineal Biopsy Technique for Detecting Prostate Cancer to Reduce the Chance of Biopsy-Related Complications

Phillip Abbosh, MD, PhD, Receives Award from AUA for Bladder Cancer Research

Robert Uzzo, MD, FACS, Receives Award from Society of Urologic Oncology

Nurse’s Passion Makes her a Mainstay at Fox Chase