William Wikoff Smith Chair in Cancer Research

Endowed Chairs at Fox Chase Cancer CenterOne of Fox Chase Cancer Center’s most generous and most consistent supporters, The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust established this chair in 1998 as a powerful demonstration of their confidence in Fox Chase’s stellar faculty and to advance the philanthropic vision of its founder William Wikoff Smith (1920-1976), a Philadelphia businessman.  This chair supports an outstanding leader in the field of cancer research who represents the highest standards of excellence in academic research.

Anna M. Skalka, PhD 

Basic Science Director Emeritus 
Scientific Director, 
Institute for Cancer Research 
Member, Genome Stability Research Program Member, Viral Pathogenesis Research Program

Dr. Skalka's laboratory is focused on obtaining a detailed understanding of the mechanism by which retroviral DNA is integrated into its host cell chromatin, and discovering the epigenetic factors and processes that affect its subsequent expression.

Skalka is internationally known for her work on the molecular biology of retroviruses. She focuses her laboratory research on studies of retroviral enzymes, which have important implications for understanding both cancer and AIDS. This comprehensive approach provides unique insights, and excellent opportunities for cross-discipline training and collaboration. Her team's continuing overarching goals are to uncover new information of fundamental importance to both virus and cell biology, and to identify new targets for therapies to treat disease.