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Cell Sorting Services and Equipment


  • Flow cytometry analysis

Cell surface staining using fluorescent-conjugated monoclonal antibodies can be analyzed. Internal determinants can be analyzed if cells are first permeabilized prior to staining.

  • Flow cytometry sorting

Cells with desired characteristics (including distinctive protein expression, GFP+) can be isolated.

  • Ca++ flux measurement

Measurement of Indo-1 loaded cells enables determination of intracellular calcium ion concentration and alteration after cell stimulation.


The Cell Sorting Facility (CSF) comprises three cytometers: 1) a user-operated BD FACScan analyzer that discriminates 3 analytes and is used for cell cycle analysis; 2) a user-operated BD-LSRII analyzer that discriminates 12 physical or fluorescent parameters and is used for all other analytic applications; and 3) a CSF operator-run BD-FACS Aria II cell sorter, which can discriminate 15 analytes and perform four-stream sorting for physical isolation of cell populations of interest.

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